D.C. Photog Needs Help in Identifying Man who Snatched his Glasses

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    The bearded man wearing a New York Jets jersey knew he had been photographed, but that didn’t stop him from snatching the photographer’s glasses and darting down the street.
    Now photographer Eric Spiegel wants him identified so he can proceed with criminal charges.
    Spiegel, a street photographer based in Washington D.C. who was assaulted last year for taking photos, reported the incident to Metropolitan police in Washington D.C. after it took place two weeks ago.
    Police drove Spiegel around in a patrol car in an attempt to track the culprit down but they had no luck.
    But police promised they would arrest the man if he is identified, so maybe we can create some traction by sending this story around.
    Here is how Spiegel described the incident on his blog:
    Two Sundays ago, after I finished shooting the Fiesta DC latino festival in Penn Quarter, I walked up to meet my wife in Chinatown. Being the street photographer that I am, I had my camera out, snapping away as I walked up 7th St NW. As I walked by the McDonalds in Chinatown, I saw a man running my direction. I pull up my camera and take a photo as he passed by. I kept walking, thinking nothing of it really, until I heard someone speaking to me.​
    “Where I’m from people ask permission before taking someone’s photo.”​
    Great, this guy is gonna give me crap for taking a photo in a public place. I respond by just saying “OK” as I continued to walk up 7th St. After I respond, he asks me to delete the photo. I told him that I wish I could, but as I shoot film, that was impossible. He then demanded that I give him my film.​
    When I declined that request, he again demanded me to give him my film. I told him again that I wasn’t going to do that and kept walking.​
    At this point he threatened me. ”If you don’t give me that film, things are going to get violent.”​
    I responded, saying, “If you do that, you’ll be arrested for assault. Why don’t we just walk up a little further and see what the police think.”​
    Him: ”You saw me running earlier, so you know I don’t have a problem with running.”​
    I continue walking away when he finally stepped in my path, and bumped me with his forearm. Immediately I put up my hands and told him to not touch me.​
    As I tried to step around him, he then grabbed my prescription sunglasses off my face and sprinted down 7th towards the Verizon Center. I yell back, calling him an (expletive deleted), and walked towards 7th and H, where I knew lots of cops tended to mill about. Luckily, I had my regular glasses in my camera bag.​
    Spiegel is asking people who recognize him to report him to Metropolitan police at (202) 698-0555 in reference to case number CCN 134-732.
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    Spiegel needs to go to the airport and look for him. It is very likely that a camera-shy, power-trippin' dude like that works for the TSA.
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    When was the last time you saw a TSA employee in any condition to run, let alone actually running?
  4. DeafBlonde

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    :oops:...my mistake!

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