Daily Inter Lake: Security or just plain nuts? (advent of Nude-O-Scopes @ Glacier Park Int'l Airpt)

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    TSA's tune is not playing well in Kalispell, MT, ...

    Daily Inter Lake: Security or just plain nuts?

    It’s more than a shame that our relatively convenient and user-friendly Glacier Park International Airport will soon buckle under to another level of “security” imposed on it by the Federal Bureau of Citizen Harassment, otherwise known as the Transportation Security Administration. Sometime this month, the airport security area will be renovated partly to make room for Advanced Imaging Technology “body scanner” machines.


    A Google search for “TSA incidents” coughs up 1.6 million results. Although it’s not an accurate accounting of actual incidents, it is a collective reflection of the public’s disdain for being treated like potentially explosive cattle.

    Yes, there is a need for diligent security. But we just think the TSA, with its $8 billion annual budget, has gone too far in infringing on citizens with a highly questionable cost vs. benefits ledger.
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    Half a million dollars for a scanner at an airport that averages 439 passengers a day.

    The public doesn't seem to realize or care that this is their money that is being wasted.
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    "As long as it keeps us safe!"

    Just look at kohana's comments.
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    Pretty sad when there are this many cowards in the wilds of Montana.

    I did like her idea about flinging her filled Depends at the TSA screeners though.
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