Daily Mail: American Stasi to Mine Social Media for Keywords

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Mike, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Daily Mail: Tweeting the word 'drill' could mean your Twitter account is read by U.S. government spies

    According to the Daily Mail, our Department of Homeland Security (aka Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, or Stasi for short) is searching blogs, forums, twitter feeds, etc., for certain keywords, identifying the poeple usings those keywords & recording personal information about them. It's not clear where that personal information is coming from -- are they serving warrants on ISP's to identify users?

    Sample keywords & phrases: illegal immigrant, human to animal, strain, drill, outbreak, virus, deaths, recovery, virus, trojan, collapse.

    No surprise: An FOIA request from EPIC was ignored.

    Anyone got a random sentence generator?
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    TOR client, BitCoin, Black Market.

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