Daily Mail whining about Swiss Army knives sold airside in Zurich & taken on a London flight

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    Almost a month old now ...
    UK Daily Mail: Airport security farce: Deadlier knives than used on 9/11 sold in duty free - and taken on London flight (Aug 17 2013)

    • Penknives are on open sale in duty-free section at Swiss airport
    • Expert says he would not have been able to board UK flight with the blades
    • On U.S. flights all types of blades, even penknives, are banned
    Major security concerns have been raised after a Mail on Sunday reporter boarded a British Airways flight to London carrying five knives – bought in an air-side duty free shop – with blades longer than those used by the 9/11 hijackers.

    He walked unchecked on to the packed plane after buying the potentially lethal £20 Swiss Army knives at Zurich airport, Switzerland.

    The knives are on open sale, despite similar ones being used in a plane hijack attempt only two years ago. The startling revelation poses a massive question mark over the disparity of security checks at airports.


    Last night, Zurich airport and British Airways insisted they were operating within EU regulations. But critics said rules that can prevent mothers carrying baby milk on board yet allow knives to be carried unchecked were putting passengers in danger.

    Without a locking blade, you might end up cutting your own fingers off if you get into a fight with one of these. That said, Mark Fuhrman did make a very convincing case for O.J. conducting his murders with a Swiss Army knife, so they can be hazardous but ...

    Passengers today will fight back, and one (or five) of these itty bitty knives is not going to keep a planeload of people from piling on & putting an end to someone's aggression.
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    Now that I think about it (it's been ~ 20 years), didn't O.J. apparently cut himself in the attack? :D
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    I'd sooner use a well-built ballpoint pen than a Victorinox in a "fight."

    And pens are still permitted *everywhere*.
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