Video Daily Paul: RP Staffer Says Ammo PLANTED in Baggage

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    This is one way to get some quality time with your favorite Gropenfrauen ...

    Daily Paul: RP Staffer Says Ammo PLANTED in Baggage (Aug 31 2012)

    I'm a Delegate travelling home from Tampa. While waiting in the Tampa airport with some oath keepers staffers, we were approached by a woman who told us a very disturbing story. She said (video to follow) that her hotel room was broken into three times while she attended the convention as part of the Texas delegation. She filed a police report for the record. Nothing was missing from her room. Here is where it gets interesting ... She says that as she was going through TSA "security" at Tampa Intl. Airport they found .22 caliber Ammo in her luggage!! The RP staffer was sequestered in "TSA" area and told that she would be arrested for having this ammo in her luggage. She then told theTSA that she works for Ron Paul, and was released post-haste. I have her testimony on video, but am currently at 30k feet and cannot upload until later. I wanted to pass along at her request. The (expletive deleted) is getting deeper by the minute.

  2. Woah. Deeper by the minute indeed.
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    Ya know, if TSA just did their job instead of sticking their noses in everybody's business, their own jobs would be so much easier.

    They create their own problems. What a bunch of morons.
  4. It's pretty interesting that they let her go after she said she worked for Ron Paul. I thought giving people the benefit of the doubt means the terrorists win, or something. I'm reminded of when they shut down all the scanners on the big Opt-Out protest day. Their procedures are crucial for our safety, except when they're politically inconvenient, and then they don't matter at all.
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    the picture I get is that sh*t hit the fan at HQ after the TSA morons attempted to screen RON PAUL and his (expletive deleted) WIFE boarding a PRIVATE AIRCRAFT. The word probably came down that if any TSA clerk touched Paul or his delegates they would be summarily executed by John Pistole....
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    I have heard of no such thing Nacht (as far as a hands off order).

    Firearms and their parts have pretty standard response protocols, and they apply for everyone coming through a checkpoint. It doesn't really matter who the person is, TSA is supposed to follow the same protocols, and the LEOs on scene handle the disposition for arrest/non arrest. The standard per the TSA page is that the individual may be prosecuted under state or local laws based on their individual possession laws and codes, and the individual may also be subject to up to a $2000 fine by TSA. I can actually believe this story, because TSA is out of it once the LEOs arrive, we report the situation to regulatory and they do the follow up (and please do not ask me what process they use, because I do not know). Local LEO has some leeway on how they charge individuals (at least some of them do anyway), and their reactions are usually determined by each individual case.
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    Given the stem to stern corruption at TSA I wouldn't
    doubt any kind of underhanded tactic to abuse the public.
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    Given the sheer volume of complaints that TSA employees claim they've never heard of, color me completely unsurprised.
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    The lady w/ the planted ammo said, near quote: "What I want to get across is that someone went to a lot of trouble to put those bullets in my luggage. We've got to be careful because these people will stop at NOTHING." I haven't read any other chat on this yet, but it seems more like Nixonian dirty tricks against Paul supporters than TSA involved. An RNC prank-plumber's operation? Thuggery pretty much squares with what went on with Rules during the convention.
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