Video Daughter Getting a Patdown

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  1. We haven't seen this one before, have we? These two must have alarmed the metal detector or something.

    Here's what I think:
    1) I strenuously object to turning this into a game, blowing up the blue glove like a balloon, "put your arms out like you're an airplane," etc. The girl was groomed for predators that day.
    2) That said, this clerk did work with the parent to lessen the trauma of the experience. It's better than some of the other Nurse Ratchet style patdowns kids have gotten.
    3)The patdown on the little girl was so light and limited it couldn't have possibly found anything well hidden. Total theater. What a joke.
    4) If a smurf cranked my palms upward with no warning like she did to the mom, I would lose my sh*t. I have a shoulder condition.
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  2. nachtnebel

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    other than the fact that it shouldn't have been done at all. WHY are you groping that little kid? please! the groper stays away from the groin area, doesn't do a lot of feelie aon the butt and breast areas, from what I can see. all this effort spent on two obvious non threats.
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  3. Yeah, the pointlessness of patting down two obvious non-threats, not looking for anything, just going through the procedure, underscores how much these procedures are about conditioning the public to be poked and prodded by aparatchiks.
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  4. Fisher1949

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    So they compound the waste by doing a worthless pat down on a harmless child, but hey, they followed their sacred policy.
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  5. Lisa Simeone

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    This is disgusting. I can barely watch this thing.

    "Here, little Sally, little Johnny, here's how you play a game with your molester. See -- it won't hurt at all! It's fun!"

    What is wrong with parents?? WTF is wrong with them that they allow this to be done to their children??
  6. Lisa Simeone

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    The guys talking -- the one videotaping says he's "the in-law," says the little girl has a pacemaker (I guess that's what alarmed the metal detector) -- are laughing and making a joke out of it.

    Then they discuss how this is necessary! "The real terrorists, ya know, they'll load a kid up with something."

    This country has totally lost its mind.
  7. Ah, I missed the pacemaker part. I think at that stage I was too busy dry heaving to follow the talking.
  8. worldwide

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    Is this not the same thing that made Mrs.Abbott angry..???? An lead to her arrests? ? It still is happening ...amazing! !

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