DEA apologizes to student who says he drank his urine to survive

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Lisa Simeone, May 2, 2012.

  1. nachtnebel

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    I suspect they wanted to teach this kid a lesson, as he wasn't the guy they wanted. Only they forgot. Gee, how could you forget something like this.
    Because of the money that will be paid out here, I'll bet someone will be fired.
  2. Lisa Simeone

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    Truer words were never spoken.
  3. DeafBlonde

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    They may have told all the suspects this lie to get them to sign the "paperwork." Perhaps I am being paranoid, but I would question the "paperwork" to make sure it wasn't a cleverly worded "confession" to crimes that he didn't commit.
  4. Frank

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    Good luck with that. They only paid out $3.1 million for shooting a nursing mother in the head.
  5. Frank

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    State criminal charges for sure, but the law says that they would be tried in a federal court on the state charges. Non-starter. Never heard of a fed getting convicted on state charges in federal court.

    18 USC 241 and 242 might apply here. Conspiracy, kidnapping under color, attempted murder under color. All three are "Danny Deever" charges.

    But this is reality: Promotions and medals all around.
  6. Sunny Goth

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    I don't know about that case.

    While I don't think he's going to get $20 million, he might get $10 million, he might even get more. Here's why I think that:

    1. You don't just forget about someone for five days in a jail cell with no food or water. This is negligence like you read about.
    2. He wasn't even a suspect? Something else is going on here.
    3. He is young, nice-looking, goes to a good school as an engineering student (juries pay attention to these things).
    4. It sounds like he's going to have expensive health issues for the rest of his life (expensive in terms of monetary cost and a physical cost), and his life may not even be as long as it otherwise could have been.
    5. Really high 'ick' factor and a worst case scenario for people who are arrested.
    6. His lawyer says that his treatment "constitutes torture under U.S. and international law".

    If I had to guess, the government is going to want to settle this one. This guy is very sympathetic and I'd be shocked if a jury didn't vote in his favor. Also, heads should roll.

    P.S. He should look into getting friends who don't do as many drugs. 18,000 ecstasy pills is a lot of pills.
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  7. Frank

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    Vicki Weaver. The reason why Lon Horiuchi's name is mud.
  8. Sunny Goth

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    Right. Very different case (which doesn't make it okay), it's just very different facts.
  9. RB

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    DEA to pay $4.1 million to student forgotten in holding cell for 5 days

    More tax monies used wisely by our government employees. Seems this money should come out of the pockets of the wrongdoers.
  10. Frank

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    FIFY :D
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