Deaf man writes that TSA agent mocked him as “F*cking deafie,” then stole his candy, ate it

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  1. Not to doubt the deaf man, but to add a piece to the mystery -- a writer at Reason (don't have time to grab the link atm) points out that "deafie" is mostly a term used within the deaf community. It's odd (not unbelievable, but odd) that a smurf would use this term. The Reason writer postulated that, perhaps, if TSA did in fact attend some kind of sensitivity training in advance of this conference, TSA people may have learned the term there.
  2. Mike

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    Image of the Google Cache copy:

    Copy of TeaAndTheatre1.png Copy of TeaAndTheatre2.png Copy of TeaAndTheatre3.png Copy of TeaAndTheatre4.png Copy of TeaAndTheatre5.png Copy of TeaAndTheatre6.png
  3. Mike

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    Or the screener didn't say that at all but something phonetically similar. The victim would have been lip reading and perhaps just completed the word according to his own usage.

    On the other hand, using diminutives to marginalize people is a common practice, so "deaf man" to "deafie" isn't too great a leap.
  4. Frank

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    When we start applying 240 grains of Trepanizine to the wrongdoers.
  5. Very good point.
  6. barbell

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    It's amazing, isn't it, that they were able to view 5 days' worth of video in less than 3 days? TSA is made up of some top-notch "people", I tell ya!
  7. barbell

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    You know, this story is probably embellished.

    However, based on my own, personal interaction with TSA, I'd say it's a lot closer to the truth than what Sideshow Bob has to say.
  8. Frank

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    Blogdad Bob is closer to the truth. He doesn't provide entertainment value anywhere near to Sideshow Bob.
  9. Caradoc

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    "Boggy Boob."

    Use the first (topmost) definition for each link.
  10. RB

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    There is absolutely no reason to believe TSA's account of this incident or any other incident for that matter. TSA, and Blogdad Bob in particular, has no credibility since being dishonest is a TSA trademark.
  11. Caradoc

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    I trust no employee of DHS or TSA as far as I can shot-put a cheesecake. Underwater.
  12. Frank

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    As far as I can throw a chimney. By the smoke.
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    Blogger Bob's response to Dan Schwartz (see Flies..... post above):

    Somehow I don't get the feeling that too many screeners got the message.
  14. Caradoc

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    I get the feeling that Boggy Boob's lying again.

    So why didn't Boobie at least list those attendees? Or a number of attendees?
  15. RosemaryT

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    In a single sentence, you've really summed up the whole thing for me.

    Apparently, it will never stop.

    And who here will be surprised to see security checks at movie theaters?

    It's all so wrong.

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