Decorated, wounded Marine treated 'shamefully' by security screeners

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    Wearing the uniform of the Few and Proud doesn’t rate preferential treatment from the Transportation Security Administration or California capitol security officers, retired Marine Cpl. Nathan Kemnitz recently found.
    Kemnitz, severely injured in 2004 in a roadside bomb attack in Fallujah, has limited use of his right arm and cannot lift it above his head. So when security guards at the state capitol building in Sacramento, Calif., asked him to remove his dress blue blouse “because he was wearing too much metal,” and TSA asked him to raise his arms above his head for the full-body scanner at Sacramento International Airport, he could not comply.
    “My right arm doesn’t work. It’s a lot of hassle for me to do that,” Kemntiz said.
    At the state capitol, the Marine’s refusal to remove his uniform top grew into a heated exchange between Kemnitz, a friend who was accompanying him and security officers.
    At the airport, bystanders stared as the TSA security screener looked under Kemnitz’s medals, ran his hands under the Marine’s waistband and swabbed his shoes for explosives.
    “What does a uniform and heroism represent if our own citizens — in this case employees of the TSA and security personnel — have no regard for them?” wrote Kemnitz’s escort, Patricia Martin, to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki following the incidents.
    Martin took photos and disseminated them to family, friends and members of the media.
    “I feel so strongly that you need to know just how shamefully even a Purple Heart recipient/disabled veteran can be treated by some TSA and security employees,” she said.
    Kemnitz said after the incidents that he was not as annoyed with TSA officers as he was with a security screener at the California state capitol, whom he described as rude and unapologetic.
    Kemnitz was visiting the building to be honored as his legislative district’s veteran of the year.
    “At some places I’m treated like royalty and at some like a terrorist. There’s got to be something in the middle,” he said.
    The incident was not the first to spark similar outrage. In January, NBC journalist Luke Russert tweeted his irritation at an enhanced security screening at Reagan National Airport of a troop wearing a prosthetic.
    “Making Wounded Warriors with prosthetic legs go through extra explosives screening. #fail,” Russert wrote.
    In March, bystanders notified Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., about what they perceived to be maltreatment of a double amputee by TSA screeners at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport.
    Concurrent with that incident, TSA announced it had changed its rules to eliminate a requirement that injured troops remove their shoes, jackets or hats. But to receive the expedited service, TSA asks affected personnel to call the agency’s Military Severely Injured Joint Service Operations Center before traveling.
    TSA also offers escorted “curb-to-gate service” for injured or ill personnel who request it as well as the TSA Pre program to service members with a military common access card at four airports: Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and Washington Dulles International Airport.
    The Senate Sergeant-At-Arms is responsible for security screenings at the California capitol building. No one was available Friday to speak with the media regarding the incident.
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    Seems that our veterans have given enough. The pompus (expletive deleted) TSA screeners should be shot on the spot and left laying as a reminder to the others.

    I expect nothing better from the Socialist State of California.
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    Seems to me that the TSA employees really despise veterans - especially wounded ones.

    I wonder why that is?
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    My guess would be that the TSA picks on the people they view as most vulnerable because it makes them feel more powerful.
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    With an added dash of pure jealousy that the wounded vet had the intestinal fortitude to do good things of which the TSA employee can't even dream.
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    Every one of these incidents offsets tons of TSA propaganda. Unfortunately, the media has stopped covering these along with anything that offends the power elite so the propaganda is drowning out the abuses these days.
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    The sad part is that there appear to be TSA employees so abjectly stupid and/or despicably evil that they either actually believe the propaganda or just don't care that it's all lies.
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    Because the recruiting office can spot bad people.
  9. Frank

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    Unsanitary. Coat them in tar and hang them from the lamp posts in the White Zone.
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