Delta declines to assist in recovery & return of abandoned stolen luggage

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    11 Alive: Delta fails to inform passenger of stolen luggage (Nov 5 2012)

    On Monday, October 29th, 11Alive was tipped off by a viewer about a bunch of looted luggage, lying in a field next to the airport. Some employees, at a nearby business, were frustrated by Delta's slow response to pick it up, so they called us to do something.

    We contacted the passengers, whose numbers were on the luggage tags, and left messages for those who didn't answer. We delivered one bag to a Delta customer, who lived in Atlanta, and we turned Westhoff's luggage into the Atlanta Police Airport Precinct, along with two other stolen bags.


    [Val] Westhoff didn't get our voice mail message until she landed back in Atlanta, this past Saturday, on her way back home.

    "I don't think I should have heard this from you. I should have heard this from Delta saying,"we just want you to know we've got your luggage, but it did leave our terminal", nobody's ever told me that, other than you," Westhoff said.
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    Fly the friendly skies!? Riiiiiigggghhhhttttttt!!!! The overall lack of care/concern that the airlines have for their customers is completely eclipsed by the TSA's dislike of this countries core values and the Constitution. It is almost like the airlines appreciate the attention and hatred that the TSA continues to earn, so as to deflect attention from problems like this in the media.
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