Dem Senator Blasts Postal Service As 'Not Friendly' ... Praises TSA

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    Carper says he usually takes the train but thinks the thugs at TSA are getting "friendlier". Maybe he thought the intimate groping was meant to be a friendly gesture.
  2. Wow, what a lack of proportion with that guy. While I'm no huge fan of the post office, they do provide a useful service and are explicitly constitutional. Plus, the mail man isn't allowed to fondle anybody's crotch, and to the best of my knowledge the post office is more or less non-carcinogenic. They even have signs out front of ours about not letting your car idle because the fumes go in the vents and make the postal workers feel sick. Meanwhile, TSA employees are just sitting there getting cancer all day and nobody in their organization gives a rat's (expletive deleted).

    So in the grander scheme of things, who cares if postal workers are grumpy and the line's a little long? If you don't like it, there's FedEx, there's UPS, there's email, there's fax, there's telephone, plenty of ways to convey communication and parcels besides the post office. Isn't what they tell us about the TSA? Don't like it, don't fly? As far as the post office is concerned, you really can avoid using it in most cases.

    Plus, you can track and insure your stuff for really cheap. The TSA doesn't care about people's stuff nearly as much as the post office does.
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