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    Posted at RealPolice.NET:

    Several things stand out:
    1. English or the lack thereof: Bad spelling, bad punctuation, bad syntax.
    2. This wannabe with a cheap blue shirt & a tin badge is hanging out on a site for "real police" officers.
    3. The wannable admits they are are looking for people with"excessive currency"
    4. The wannabe (with his 4 days of training & 3 days of practice) thinks that he is better than police officers
    These are the people will be pretending to implement the "Israeli model" as BOS & elsewhere. :td:

    The next response in the thread (from a "verified LEO") was simply ":rolleyes:".

    Unfortunately, standstills was a one-post wonder at RealPolice.NET and did not leave us with a legacy of his wisdom.
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    Hilarity usually ensues when a TSA employee shows up on a chatboard for law enforcement professionals. :D Case in point:

    TSA Officers & LEOs
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    Truly hilarious.:D

    One thing that strikes me in many of these BDO descriptions is document checking. I was looked up and down, barely broke the plane of the WTMD, no alarm, with my documents still in hand, when "Female Assist" was called. I suppose I looked suspiciously like
    Our tax dollars "at work"...:rolleyes:
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