Des Moines air travelers file dozens of TSA complaints

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    Des Moines air travelers file dozens of TSA complaints

    Travelers passing through the Des Moines International Airport have filed formal grievances at a rate of about once a week with the federal agency that oversees passenger and baggage screening there, records obtained by The Des Moines Register show.


    The travelers detailed a wide variety of problems they say they experienced before, during and after their pre-flight screenings. Some told of discovering valuable items such as a video camera, underwater digital photography gear, a bottle of gift-wrapped perfume, precious family jewelry and other items missing from their luggage after screenings.

    Others complained of being subjected to what they described as embarrassing and unnecessary body searches or being touched inappropriately by overzealous TSA employees during pat downs.

    And a leading passenger-rights advocate says the number of passengers treated badly at TSA checkpoints is probably much higher. For every traveler who navigates the cumbersome process for filing a formal complaint, scores of others give up or simply don't bother at all.

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