Des Moines Register: Ruckus over lost wallet grounds air traveler

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    If they had half a brain, they'd just let her off the airplane ...

    Des Moines Register: Ruckus over lost wallet grounds air traveler

    They refuse to let her off the plane, and then they have her removed because she's "interfering with the crew's ability to perform their duties"? If someone wants off, just let him or her get off!!! It's a lot easier that way.

    As for the wallet ...

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  2. DeafBlonde

    DeafBlonde Original Member

    Holy sh!t! Unbelievable! Not only is the TSA staffed with morons, so are the airlines! :rolleyes:
  3. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    Everybody's a terrorist, don'tchya know?
  4. nachtnebel

    nachtnebel Original Member

    It's not like it is a small deal to lose your wallet. It contains your ID, your financial means, basically your right to exist in the modern world.
    Without it, you are DEAD in the water if you're away from home. You can't stay anywhere, pay for anything, etc. Having said this,
    this should have been a matter for the local constables and the airline. No reason to get TSA's incompetent nose stuck up this issue.
  5. Ciarin

    Ciarin Member

    It sucks losing your wallet. I've lost mine before. Ended up having to replace everything.
  6. Fisher1949

    Fisher1949 Original Member Coach

    I always take a copy of my credit cards and license, front and back, in a separate carry on. That way I can contact CC companies and cancel if it is lost. Hasn't happened yet but it's good to have a backup plan.
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  7. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    I always did that with my passport, too, going back 30 years. And, of course, left copies for family members at home.

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