Detroit North Terminal dump

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    Welcome to Amerika, comrade! :rolleyes:

    Can't these idiots just inspect a bag?

    CBS Local Detroit: Authorities ID Suspicious Item That Forced Evacuation At Metro Airport (Apr 6 2013)

    Airport officials say further analysis of the contents of the passenger’s carry-on bag revealed three electronic items duct-taped, wrapped, packaged and positioned together in such a way as to pose a possible explosive threat. Officials say the passenger was interviewed at length regarding the suspicious packaging of these items and was eventually cited for disrupting the smooth and orderly flow of passengers, a misdemeanor charge, and released. The passenger, who was temporarily staying in Detroit, had been living in Central America and was on his way to the Philippines via Seoul, South Korea, according to airport officials. He was not identified.

    All the retards are busy giving themselves high-fives for finding a non-bomb and giving an international passenger a royal screwjob:

    Airport officials say the response was “a strong team effort by Transportation Security Administration, Airport Authority Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation and airline personnel.” The investigation surrounding this incident is ongoing.
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    We know from above that it was some kind of "decorative item", to that description add "three electronic items duct-taped, wrapped, packaged".

    Just thinking aloud: Have you ever taped multiple items of a gift together? For example, for a white elephant exchange ~3 years ago I taped together two jars (lid-to-lid) of European varieties of Nescafe instant Espresso. What would have happened if the white elephant exchange had been in another city & I had to fly there?

    I'd just love for the media to find this guy & interview him.
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  4. Mike

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    Can't search the 3rd district (Wayne County) court records w/o a first & last name ... :mad:
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    Pictures and their explanation have been up on Propaganda Village for a week now:


    Suspicious Items (DTW)
    Suspicious Items at DTW- A suspicious item that appeared to be an IED was detected in a carry-on bag at Detroit (DTW). It was determined that the bag contained a gel-filled wave machine, power adapter, alarm clock and stand for the wave machine all wrapped in a thick layer of newspaper and black duct tape.In the X-ray, this appeared to be an explosive, and alarms like this require bomb squad resolution. So even if you’re packing items you know are harmless, please consider how they may look in the X-ray and pack them in a way that doesn’t make them look suspicious. As a result of this alarm, the terminal experienced a 1-hour, 51-minute evacuation. Sixteen flights were delayed almost 23 hours, affecting 2071 passengers.
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    (Well, I guess I don't check PV).
    No, as a result of panic, the items were not removed but thousands of passengers were--unnecessarily. They missed flights, connections, lost money, children were stranded alone on planes, etc. etc.

    If it's so damn scary, contain it, and go take it outside and 'neutralize it.'
    Instead it's OT for the responders, a 2-hr smoke break for TSA, and an excuse for more funding...
  7. Fair enough on this one, it looks suspicious to me. Not sure a terminal dump was necessary, but then, this is the airport where Shoshana Hebshi got roughed up for flying with darkish skin on a 9/11 anniversary. They apparently pee their pants a lot in Detroit these days.

    ETA: The children alone on departing planes part is baffling to me. How did the flight attendants not attend to that issue?
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    Darn, if my eyes aren't getting worse by the day. I looked at the bolded text and read it as more fondling...:oops:
    (Note to self: Go get your eyes examined next week if not sooner.)
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    Were FAs not the escorts?
    Failing to return to the plane? Doing as told--(by morons)--just forget the kids?

    They were among the 1000+ ordered to exit the concourse, from the furthest and last gate, to walk back past the checkpoint and the TERRIFYING BOMBS THAT COULD EXPLODE AT ANY MOMENT, in an abundance of caution.:rolleyes:
  10. I had read somewhere that in all the chaos, some parents had gotten off a plane to get drinks (like, they were on a continuing flight or something) and they got left behind while their children flew on. Truly a snafu.
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    That's not an error. More TSA funding == more fondling.
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    The children were described as "unaccompanied minors," meaning their escorts were FAs. Their parents paid extra for the service, person-to-person hand-off custody. Quoting DOT:
    Or not.
    From the story:
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    now I'm sure that all 'proper procedure' and its for the 'safety of everyone traveling.'
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    In the same PV article in which this amazing catch was made, the Boob wrote:

    Isn't it SSI for mere passengers to know how things will look on x-ray? If we knew, then we could be accused of "testing the system" as Sommer Gentry was when she just said NO to being groped.
  15. Aha, you're right, unaccompanied minors. I found that part in the story.

  16. Really, how are we supposed to know how things look on the x-ray? I don't watch cheesy action movies or Roadrunner cartoons so I'm uninformed as to all the wacky ways a bomb can look.
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    There are plenty of images on the net of what things look like in the xray tech out there now. A simple google search can give you an idea of how everyday items can look on the screen. A good rule of thumb is to remember that dense items are not always going to be able to be cleared without some sort of physical inspection. Organic items mixed with electronics is probably going to result in a bag check and a combination of dense items, organics and electronic items will result in a bag check much more often than they will alone.

    This will give you some basic images just to give you some idea of what they are looking at.
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    Especially if it's a cupcake-in-a-jar sitting next to an iPod or an iPad. Very tempting to the average TSA lackwit.
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    So, just so we're clear here, it's the passenger's responsibility to perform a Google search and attempt to determine how things might look on an x-ray to a TSA employee looking at the screen at the airport? Is this really TSA's position? Because that's what the blog entry implies, and what you have explicitly stated as a member of the official TSA blog team.

    It is the passenger's duty to determine in advance what images may appear on a screen at the airport. And a passenger may determine how such may appear by performing a readily available Google search. Is this correct?

    TSA cannot have it both ways. You cannot simultaneously claim that images on the screen are SSI, and that a passenger is to perform a Google search for said images to determine how items might look on a screen.

    Indeed, if cupcakes are sometimes dangerous and sometimes not, or wrist adorning works of art are not dangerous earlier in the day and suddenly "artfully concealed" possible bombs later that same day, how are we to know what is going to happen at a checkpoint? How is that humanly possible?

    Now, I know that you yourself are a superhuman mind-reading genius practicing the fine art of divining voodoo, but the rest of us are mere mortals, subject to the whims of you and your colleagues. How can you possibly believe that we know what any of you are going to freak out over at a checkpoint? It's simple madness that you think this scenario is reasonable.
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    I sense some defensiveness. Your TSA article?

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