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    Wow, I was simply giving some information to help those that may not know what is looked at routinely, hence the reason I posted the images link, and then explained what many items that generate bag checks would be. I did not imply it is your responsibility for anything, I was giving information in the hopes that someone here may better understand what a bag check was called for. If it was interesting enough to you, you could see image representations in a simple google search.

    Items that are outside of the regular items in passengers bags (and even some regular items, see the previous comments on the water filters - some of them look like pipe bombs on xray) may look like a possible threat item on the xray, that was the essence of the statement by Bob. Big difference in what your commentary says, and what I have said.
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    No, they don't. They look like a "reasonable excuse" for the TSA to exert their "authoritay" and tear apart someone's bag looking for other items to steal.
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    Why so sensitive?

    Bloviating Bob said:

    This quote was questioned, to which you responded there were ample Google search images available. Cool, bro, you're awesome. Thanks for the tip.

    I looked at those images. I have no idea how they're going to look to any of you, because most of your colleagues are clueless morons. Besides the fact in most of my interactions with your colleagues I'm never right. Ever. No matter the circumstance, I'm wrong. Period. End of discussion. If I attempt to reason I'm threatened with a fine, if I linger too long I'm threatened with arrest.

    So big whoop what a Google image search of apparently SSI data will supply. My life, my liberty, and my livelihood are at the whims of a witless wonder who's on a hair trigger to find something that might possibly in some form maybe look like a bomb. And even if it isn't a bomb, it might be, and so I might get cited, I might get arrested, and if I have the audacity to not put it out in the open for everyone to see then it's also artfully concealed which carries additional penalties.

    Are you so dense that you do not see this chain of events unfolding? Because they just did. And you were an actor in them.
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  4. This is also what happened to the guy with the "steampunk" watch. The gal with the Shepard Fairey jewelry that was too much like brass knuckles also got arrested. And then there was that poor young lady whose life was about ruined when she wore a light up sweat shirt with wires into baggage claim. I'm sure there are plenty of other examples. All of these people had no idea their thing looked like a weapon. Normal people don't look at everything as a possible bomb, and normal people also have other things to do besides fretting over what something innocuous might happen to look like on an x-ray.

    The guy with this duct taped thing was some kind of international traveler even. How is someone like that to anticipate the whims of people who still believe with all their hearts that liquids are viable threats, and that it's a good use of manpower to go around contaminating testing people's drinks bought airside, and then making them miss their flight if they just drink their drinks?
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    "...might happen to look like on an X-ray to an ethically defunct witless wonder with zero marketable skills..."
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    Consider that the information on TSA's own website is 'out of -date' or 'not applicable' to the screener on duty's practice at the airport/checkpoint of which you are passing through that certain day, I can totally see why Rugape would defer to Google.
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    I just wonder at the level of cognitive dissonance (or is it just sheer stupidity, or deliberate asininity?) required to simultaneously claim that travelers should be able to predict how any random TSA lackwit will react while stating that "unpredictability" is one of the strengths of the TSA baklava "layers" model.
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    I believe you just answered your own question.
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    The same level in which dangerous liquids involuntary collected from travelers are all tossed into a huge cardboard/plastic trash bin right next to the where the lines of people pass by....for our safety and the safety of those traveling.

    Magical container that is able to neutralized every conceivable liquid threat!
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    I don't see that TSA has done anything to earn my help in the screening process. TSA refuses to give clear information, has processes that are different airport to airport and screener to screener, and in general TSA treats the flying public like terrorist all without cause. Now they want my help in packing. Well I have a big FOAD for TSA.

    How about TSA start respecting my rights! Train its clerks. Have the TSA blog comply with the Constitution. Realize that virtually no one flying presents a security threat.

    I think the public should do all we can to make the clerks time at an airport just as miserable as possible.
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    That should be extended 24/7. Total shunning, both economic and personal. Refuse service to them, refuse to rent to them, refuse to sell to them, refuse to buy from them. Find out where they live and ban your kids from that house and from having anything to do with anyone living there, and tell them why. Expose them at your PTA meeting and send them packing. If they're members of your fraternal organizations press charges with the ethics committee and get them kicked out.

    And call your state legislatures and get something like that Texas law passed, so the next freedom fluffer that channels Michael Jackson gets a nice pair of steel bracelets and a perp walk out of the airport.

    Eventually they'll get the message.
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    Not mine, and not really defensive, merely trying to provide information for those of you that travel.
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    Which is the reason for the current rule-making comment period: The TSA refuses to publish rules for WBI and gropes.

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