Developing: 9/11 phobia leads to grounding incidents, evacuations

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Lisa Simeone, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Great to know that FAMS going to the can are now suspicious. What's that now four different lav incidents? I guess the knee-jerk reaction will be either no doors on lavs or removal of lavs from planes.

    (for future reference this event was UA flight 3681 bound for Washington-Dulles airport.)
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    Or being accompanied by a "specially trained" TSA clerk who watches you pee and makes sure you don't do anything "suspicious."
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    This one is really bizarre.

    So the guys really were air marshalls. Did they pre-board? Were they armed? Presumably the answer to both is 'no' because they didn't have any paperwork. Were they on the clock, 'deadheading' or on personal travel?

    Would off-duty FAM's on personal travel board like regular pax but inform the flight crew of their status anyway?

    Most of all (this inquiring mind wants to know!) - what were two FAMs doing in the restroom together?

    There are legitimate reasons why two adults might try to squeeze into a bathroom lav together, but 'legitimate' reasons don't usually involve two able-bodied adults....
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    I won't believe they were both in the bathroom at the same time without further info. We've already found out that the stories of the man & the woman supposedly in lav at same time were bogus. Just more 9/11 hysteria.
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    I've given it its own thread. Discussion going on hot and heavy now. Go to "What's New?" at the top of this page.
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    Waiting for the other shoe to drop...

    If I run around my neighborhood or workplace warning of an impending disaster and it doesn't eventuate, I'm pretty sure I'd be expected to explain myself. It therefore seems to me that DHS and the gov't at large, having issued warnings about car and/or truck bombs (or something else) in New York and/or Washington (or somewhere else), need to front up and explain why none of that happened. I've been scanning the newspapers for one of the following stories:
    1. Major attack in NY and/or DC ("just like we said there would be," said Janet)
    2. Arrest of terrorists and disruption of plot "just in the nick of time." (It's somehow reassuring that DHS is too incompetent to even fake this one.)
    3. "New information suggests that the time frame is actually between 9/11 and Thanksgiving. Or maybe Christmas. [M Smart]Would you believe next 4th of July?[/M Smart]"
    4. Everyone responsible for promulgating the alerts has admitted that there is, in fact, such a thing as OVERabundance of caution and has retired in shame. Most are seeking employment in N Korea.
    While hoping for #4, my money's on #3. Of course, an alternative outcome which wouldn't be publicized:

    5. An extremely targeted attack killed only the people who created this panic in the first place, and they're such miserable sods that no one misses them.
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    better they be taken away, inserted rectally and discharged.
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    Home of the terrorized.
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    Close, but not quite. The winner is the threat is still "ongoing" according to Big Sis:
    Sept. 11 Terror Attack Threat Is 'Ongoing,' Napolitano Says

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    She embarrasses herself every time she opens her mouth.

    How much you wanna bet our security overlords just love her? Because I'm sure they don't tell her half of what's going on. I bet they keep her in the dark almost as much as they do us. And she's too dim to notice. I'll be she's easy to manipulate.
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    How long have we been at war with Eastasia Whomever?
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    Isn't it Freedonia?
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    Well, again, we don't want to replace trial by jury with trial by blog. On the face of it, if we accept that a false threat was made (again, that has to be proven), there may be reasons other than 9/11 paranoia.

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