Arrested TSA Employee DFW Airport Police Targeted TSA in Sting Operation (21 smurfs arrested so far)

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    No names or faces yet but apparently this is a wide spread problem. Should be a lot of openings at DFW.
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    Wow -- they sure come up with creative ways to commit crimes! I'll betcha' very few lost their jobs and none go to prison. But, it demonstrates just how easy it is to bribe these people. I have to admit the black market parking passes were a bargain: $100 versus $408 for legit ones. I wonder how much the clerk got to keep?
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    When I last searched for this story a couple hours ago, it was amazing how many secondary sites are reporting it, despite the fact that the only primary source is a single, rather vague NBC article and their video. There were already 2+ pages of Google hits.

    According to the video, neither the police nor TSA will confirm the story as yet, but there are two arrests, at least a dozen TSA agents "are in serious trouble", and at least 20 TSA agents (maybe as many as 40) are involved.
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    Latest report is that 8 TSA employees & 1 AA (American Eagle) employee are in the hoosegow ...​

    Public Safety police say they have arrested nine people accused of stealing and selling airport employee parking passes.
    According to airport officials, one American Eagle Airlines worker and eight Transportation Security Administration employees face various felony and misdemeanor charges. But their names are not being release, as the investigation is ongoing. DFW Airport officials say they are “partnering closely with TSA management and American Eagle management on the investigation.”
    Airport spokesman David Magana says via email that in March, DFW police learned that 129 employee parking placards had been stolen from American Eagle Airlines’ offices inside Terminal B at DFW Airport. Investigators discovered that some of the stolen placards had been sold for $100 each to TSA employees, who used them to park in lots designated solely for airport employees.
    The American Eagle employee who originally stole the placards has been arrested and charged with one Class A count of misdemeanor theft; a TSA worker faces the same charge. Six other TSA employees arrested — “so far,” says the airport’s release — will be charged with the Class B misdemeanor of theft of service, stemming from their purchase and use of the illegally obtained placards. Airport officials say one more TSA employee allegedly sold “a small number” of the placards to colleagues. That worker has been charged with a felony, theft of service.
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    So stealing the cards is only a "Class A" misdemeanor and purchasing/using one is a "Class B" misdemeanor, but reselling the stolen cards is a felony?

    Why isn't stealing them also a felony?
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    Note that an American Eagle employee isn't necessarily an American Airlines employee. I'm not too familiar w/AA, but typically several regional airlines will conduct flights under the major airline's brand (American Eagle for AA); some might be owned by the airline but most are independent companies, sometimes even flying for multiple airlines.
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    More at Business Week: Eight TSA Workers Arrested Over Dallas Stolen Parking Passes (Sept 6 2013)

    They are still employees, so TSA can't pull is "former employee" nonsense in this case:

    David Castelveter, a TSA spokesman, said the agency is cooperating with the airport’s investigation. The eight employees have been placed on indefinite suspension without pay, he said. “TSA does not tolerate any form of unethical or unlawful behavior by its employees and takes appropriate disciplinary action,” Castelveter said in an e-mail.

    This article indicates that the airline employee who perpetrated the theft was charged with a felony; that makes more sense:

    An airline employee has been arrested on a felony charge involving the theft of the passes, police said.

    It also suggests that the regional was a wholly-owned subsidiary of AA:

    American Eagle Airlines Inc. ... The carrier is a unit of American Airlines parent AMR Corp.
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    Theft = misdemeanor according to KENS

    KENS 5: TSA workers arrested for using stolen placards (Sept 6 2013)

    The case began in March, airport police said, when American Eagle reported someone stole 129 employee parking placards from its office inside Terminal B. Airport police said it discovered some of the placards had been sold for $100 each to TSA employees so they could park in DFW Employee Parking Lots


    The American Eagle employee faces one count of Class A misdemeanor theft for taking the placards from the airline office. Police arrested one TSA employee on a felony charge of theft of service for selling a small number of the placards to colleagues. The remaining seven TSA employees face misdemeanor theft of service charges.
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  12. Mike

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    According to CBS Local DFW:
    • The American Eagle employee was a pilot.
    • Only 7 of the 129 stolen permits have been recovered.
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    I may be thinking wrong, but I have seen cases where a person stole a stack of things, and there was a separate charge for each one, and if the value does not reach a certain threshold, it is still considered a misdemeanor, even if there were 129 counts (as indicated here). On the other hand, I have seen several small value items stolen together be charged as one lump sum value, bringing it up to the threshold to reach felony level. I suspect one of our legal eagles would be better suited to explain how this was done.
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    If some clown really wanted to (expletive deleted) up your life, all he'd have to do is charge you with 50 or so low level misdemeanors that earn 6 months in jail. No jury trial, and that's 25 years on consecutive sentences. No parole. No probation.
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    If people are going to persist in using profanities and vulgarities in their posts, I will simply shut this site down.

    Two of the last three posts contained "(expletive deleted)" left by the filter, and the 3rd attempted to evade it by misspelling.

    If you want Travel Underground to go away, you're all on the right track.
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    I saw this the other day. So where are the other 121 placards and how many more people are involved? I get the sinking feeling that TSA is going to manage to keep the lid on this and a bunch of guilty screeners will weazel out of it with payroll deductions for the illegal placards.

    Sure hope I'm wrong.
  17. Mike

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    Overseas media are noticing, this is one of the major Australian papers ...

    The Age: Nine arrested over stolen airport parking passes (Sept 9 2013)

    Eight US Transportation Security Administration employees were among nine people arrested in connection with stolen parking passes at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, police said today.


    TSA misconduct, and the agency's handling of it, has been a concern in Congress. The Government Accountability Office said in a July 31 report the agency hasn't been consistent in meting out discipline for infractions ranging from sleeping on the job to stealing travelers' laptops from security lines.

    One TSA employee faces a felony charge of theft for selling the placards to colleagues, police said. The other six government workers face misdemeanor charges for using the stolen passes. The airport didn't release names of the arrested employees, saying the investigation was continuing.
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    Should we start a pool on what the total count will end up being? I'm guessing double digits.
  19. Mike

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    Unfortunately most will be misdemeanors handled with citations, so we won't get to see the mugshots. :( <--- just my personal guess
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    Might not be any mug shots to release. Arrest and release on citation rarely gets the full fingerprint/photo treatment.

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