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Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Mike, Jan 13, 2012.

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    They'll will be using bots. There are people who's hobby is identifying & documenting bot activity. Their more customary purpose is to block people who waste bandwidth & $$$ by downloading massive amounts of data without providing any benefit to the site.

    Also if you know who the contractor is, you can look for IP blocks assigned to that company & just block their entire range of addresses.

    Here is an ".htaccess" (site access configuration) file for a different site that blocks DHS, TSA & several of their cronies:

    order deny,allow

    # DHS - Department of Homeland Security
    # Net Range -

    deny from 216.81.80.
    deny from 216.81.81.
    deny from 216.81.82.
    deny from 216.81.83.
    deny from 216.81.84.
    deny from 216.81.85.
    deny from 216.81.86.
    deny from 216.81.87.
    deny from 216.81.88.
    deny from 216.81.89.
    deny from 216.81.90.
    deny from 216.81.91.
    deny from 216.81.92.
    deny from 216.81.93.
    deny from 216.81.94.
    deny from 216.81.95.

    # General Dynamics Advanced Informations Systems
    # Conducts internet surveillance/media monitoring for DHS
    # Net Range -

    deny from 137.100.

    # Rapiscan Systems, makes naked body imagers (x-ray) for DHS
    # OSI Systems (parent company)
    # Net Range -

    deny from 164.90.

    # L3 Communications, makes named body imagers (MMW) for DHS
    # www.l-3com.com resolves to
    # Sub-contractor: RackSpace Hosting (ISP)
    # Net Range -

    deny from 50.56.
    deny from 50.57.

    # L3 Communications, makes named body imagers (MMW) for DHS
    # www.dsxray.com resolves to
    # Sub-contractor: RCN Corporation (ISP)
    # Net Range -

    deny from 207.180.128.
    deny from 207.180.129.
    deny from 207.180.130.
    deny from 207.180.131.
    deny from 207.180.132.
    deny from 207.180.133.
    deny from 207.180.134.
    deny from 207.180.135.
    deny from 207.180.136.
    deny from 207.180.137.
    deny from 207.180.138.
    deny from 207.180.139.
    deny from 207.180.140.
    deny from 207.180.141.
    deny from 207.180.142.
    deny from 207.180.143.
    deny from 207.180.144.
    deny from 207.180.145.
    deny from 207.180.146.
    deny from 207.180.147.
    deny from 207.180.148.
    deny from 207.180.149.
    deny from 207.180.150.
    deny from 207.180.151.
    deny from 207.180.152.
    deny from 207.180.153.
    deny from 207.180.154.
    deny from 207.180.155.
    deny from 207.180.156.
    deny from 207.180.157.
    deny from 207.180.158.
    deny from 207.180.159.
    deny from 207.180.160.
    deny from 207.180.161.
    deny from 207.180.162.
    deny from 207.180.163.
    deny from 207.180.164.
    deny from 207.180.165.
    deny from 207.180.166.
    deny from 207.180.167.
    deny from 207.180.168.
    deny from 207.180.169.
    deny from 207.180.170.
    deny from 207.180.171.
    deny from 207.180.172.
    deny from 207.180.173.
    deny from 207.180.174.
    deny from 207.180.175.
    deny from 207.180.176.
    deny from 207.180.177.
    deny from 207.180.178.
    deny from 207.180.179.
    deny from 207.180.180.
    deny from 207.180.181.
    deny from 207.180.182.
    deny from 207.180.183.
    deny from 207.180.184.
    deny from 207.180.185.
    deny from 207.180.186.
    deny from 207.180.187.
    deny from 207.180.188.
    deny from 207.180.189.
    deny from 207.180.190.
    deny from 207.180.191.

    # Not denied? Allow!

    allow from all
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    Only when you invoke karma.
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    What about the Chertoff Group?
  5. Mike

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    My Fox DC: FBI Seeks Developer for App to Track Threats on Social Media

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    mike - thanks for the info Ill be sure to add that to my hta files in my sunday update.
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    Here's some more for ya, Mike:
    And way more; take a look:
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    You do know just how useless such an .htaccess file is, right? Blocking IPs doesn't do a thing to prevent anyone from doing something as simple as firing up a tethered cellular connection and slurping the site that way.

    Besides - if they're that interested, they can just drop a tap on the nearest router(s) to your host and get everything that way. (See "Room 641A")
  9. Mike

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    I'm fully aware of that. But when they have to whip out their gov't credit card & order a 4G modem or a 'droid to view a web site, the point is being clearly made: We don't like you you dirtbags.

    This might be most sharply felt by DHS contractors whose botnets can't access targeted sites. Then they'll have to start buying mobile accesses for all the bots. :D

    Imagine a popular web site, and large governmnent complexes that can't access it from the desktops on their LAN. I'm hoping it reaches that point.

    There are also more subtle techniques in the works, also keyed off IP addresses, e.g. middle-finger favicons & self-destructing web pages. The object is protest and making our objections to the security state noticed.


    PS. The host for the site I'm using to develop this is in Sweden. 'Rots of 'ruck with the tap.
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  10. Lisa Simeone

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    I know nothing about any of this stuff. It's all gobbledygook to me. I thought folks here might understand it or be interested in the doings of DHS elsewhere, that's all.
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    Easy enough to put the tap on any of the backbone links between the US and Sweden. The problem most of these kind of sites have to overcome is that their target audience and their disallowed clients almost always reside in the same country, on the same networks. So, if you host it outside that country, then filtering the traffic becomes a rather severe problem.

    You want one group within that country to be able to read the site, and the other group to NOT be able to read the site.

    Of course, if as you mention the sole purpose behind such a deny list is to offer a virtual "digitus impudicus" to the snoopers, then it's not an entirely wasted effort. It may offer more amusement to the supposedly-blocked than anything else, though.
  12. Mike

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    To be honest, your first two paragraphs don't concern me in the least. I'm well aware of how the internet works, and in the end I could care less who actually ends up reading anything. Who reads what is not what it's about.
  13. Caradoc

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    Then you're well up from many of the so-called "professionals" I've worked with over the last twenty years.
  14. Elizabeth Conley

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    We can't keep the scum from peeping and prying, but we can send them the consistent message that we consider them less charming than a bedroom slipper full of cat vomit.
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    Lisa - Think of htaaccess block file like 123 is going from point A to B and you have to have a special tag (for like a tollway) to access the most direct route. If you dont have that special tag you have to take the detour to (expletive deleted) to get there. Or think of you want to fly from DC to Key west, but you have to route through Hong Kong (Mileage running addicts insert smart remark here) to get there because you cant buy a ticket for the DCA-EYW flight. :D
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    Mike - i added that to my sunday update, and pulled the IP access logs for my sites for the last 6 months and as expected not much there for now.
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    In addition to the probable "truth biasing" (there are no lies in Washington), it's beyond incredulity that Callahan has to say this. He didn't say they "won't" monitor; he said they "don't" monitor, leaving the option open for DHS to change its mind.
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