United States DHS Field Test of Wide-Area Airborne Surveillance System in Arizona

Discussion in 'Border Controls, Customs and Immigration' started by Lisa Simeone, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Lisa Simeone

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    I think this is the right forum in which to post this, but maybe Civil Rights & Privacy would work just as well. In any case, nothing surprising here, just another pleased-as-punch press release. (Is it just me or does anyone else get creeped out by the word "Directorate"?)
    But this kind of jargon drives me crazy -- god, would I love to take a red pen to these bureaucrats:
    “We could increase situational awareness in the field and the quality of operational responsiveness, all the while maintaining the ability to re-wind imagery for forensic analysis and assess the constant-state capability provided by an aerostat platform.”

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