DHS IG: [TSA] shortcomings ... are system-wide problems and not isolated to one airport or incident

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  1. Mike

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    Which is to be expected when you reach a critical mass of mid-range two-digit IQ with authoritah ...

    Aviation Pros:

    Inspector General Confirms TSA Meltdown
    Shortcomings in TSA procedures, standards, and oversight likely contributed to security failure in Hawaii; problems are system-wide and not isolated to one airport or incident

    The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee issued the following news release:
    The Department of Homeland Security Inspector General today released its investigation of a 2010 Transportation Security Administration (TSA) baggage screening meltdown at Honolulu International Airport that involved 48 employees who failed to properly screen checked baggage, and found that the shortcomings in TSA procedures, standards and oversight that likely contributed to the security failure in Hawaii are system-wide problems and not isolated to one airport or incident.

    In plain English: TSA is a complete cl*st*rf*ck.
  2. Caradoc

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    The report doesn't mention the utter inability of the TSA to hire anyone with a a soul, ethics, or a sense of personal honor.
  3. RB

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    What makes you think that TSA is trying to hire employees with a soul, ethics, or a sense of personal honor?

    I would suggest that available evidence would suggest that is the last type of person they are looking for.
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    The OIG report was supposedly about the problems the TSA has in "securing" anything. I agree that their stated purpose and their actions are at odds with one another.
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    Any surprise that EWR headlines in the failure category?
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    TSA/DHS has been proven incapable of securing a squad of drunken sailors in a whorehouse on dollar night.
  8. Caradoc

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    They'd be too busy groping the sailors to secure them, while telling the whores to put their clothes back on so they can be groped, too.
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