DHS [including TSA] Is Prepared to Spend Big on Wearable Radiation Detectors

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    Now that they've gotten rid of their backscatter machines, TSA will be equipping its employees with radiation detectors.

    DHS Is Prepared to Spend Big on Wearable Radiation Detectors

    The Department of Homeland Security needs at least 26 wearable radiation detection systems, possibly worth a total of $24 million, the agency has announced. The devices will notify wearers -- initially in the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection and Transportation Security Administration -- when radiation is present and identify the radioisotope of the detected material. The department hopes this isotope information will help it to quicker determine whether to issue broader alerts. Called human portable tripwires, the devices will sound an alarm if they detect significant amounts of nuclear material and communicate the results in real-time. The Coast Guard ...

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