United States DHS is Monitoring Twitter (UK Daily Mail: British pair arrested in U.S. on terror charges...Twitter)

Discussion in 'Border Controls, Customs and Immigration' started by Elizabeth Conley, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. KrazyKat

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    Celtic, this crap is not America.
    I passed a farm today; I'll have to go back and take a picture. An american flag flies from one end. Hand-painted across the barn in big letters, with an arrow pointing to the flag, "RECLAIM IT."^^^
  2. Mike

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    The problem is that a lot of people who display that symbolism would only "reclaim" as a white, English speaking America where they have what they want & the heck with everyone else. They're not thinking of civil rights and what's really in store for the country down the road.
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  3. KrazyKat

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    Well I took it for the potent symbolism of a country that has been stolen by [connected bankers, MIC/DHS morons, (you fill in the blanks)]. I have no reason to believe my breathren rural Americans hate the US Constitution.

    English? I grew up in Miami and saw first hand what hand-wringing liberal multi-lingual requirements in government did. It created a freaking crony banana republic in local government. You have to speak Spanish to get a job. That is freaking ridiculous. My ancestors are German. We are (still) the biggest minority. We don't speak German in the US. We speak English. NO ONE is done any favors by bi-lingual, separate but unequal education in the US. (I am ranting but you pushed my buttons). This country is not the spoils of whomever arrives and breeds the most (and whether they give the least (expletive deleted) about the freedom of Americans or not). I'm not leaving; I'm not ceding the flag.

    I'm voting/representing for Ron Paul. And I hope you in MN are as well. The ONLY 'upper tier' candidate concerning himself with our Constitutional rights and a clear anti-TSA activist. That's a low brainer, no matter whether you agree with me on English as a desirable common denominator or not.

    Like you, I am cheered by how stupid this (temporary) police state is.
  4. KrazyKat

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    Doubling the no-fly list. Accountable to no one.
    That's what gets me. It enters true police state territory compared to how government is expected to operate today elsewhere--imperfect but at least somewhat accountable.
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