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    In areas of Alabama where illegal immigrants have become unavailable for farm labor, farmers have bought mechanized harvesters and moderately skilled laborers to operate the machinery. Thus far this has not resulted in significantly higher costs.

    Citizens pay taxes on their wages, so they can't afford to take as little as illegal immigrants do. The illegal immigrants may not pay the taxes, but they definitely use tax payer funded services. When farmers hire illegal workers, they dodge the cost of paying the wages a citizen needs to survive and pay taxes, but the rest of us pay the difference in higher taxes. We do pay the full cost of a decently paid citizen's labor for cultivation and harvest, whether the farmer hires an illegal alien or not.

    It is deeply offensive to me that the DHS is refusing to deport illegal aliens caught by State and Local Governments through legitimate police work. This is the same DHS that set up illegal CBP checkpoints within our nation's borders to commit unlawful detentions and suspicion-less, warrant-less searches against citizens - supposedly in the name of catching illegal aliens. This was a farce, and it trampled the Constitutional Rights of every citizen so accosted.

    Why is our current administration so contemptuous of the Law of the Land? Why are they so uncooperative with legitimate law enforcement activities?

    It's no kindness to keep illegal aliens around as an American underclass, doing jobs no American will do for less money than a taxpayer live off. I'm not naive. I know that the laborers the subcontractor used to remove the asbestos shingles from my previous residence were illegal aliens. They used no dust masks or other precautions, and had no expensive healthy insurance. They certainly wouldn't risk complaining.

    I supposedly "benefited" from the labor of illegal aliens, and I continue to strongly object. If they are injured then they are treated in the hospital - in spite of the fact that they have no insurance. Their children go to public schools. Their families receive a myriad of social services.

    Every taxpayer in Norfolk and the State of Virginia was defrauded so that the subcontractor would not have to pay decent wages and provide protective clothing to his asbestos workers. Who really benefited? Not the illegal workers and not their families - asbestos is dangerous, and over half of those men smoked to boot. I didn't benefit. I was terrified that something would go wrong, and furious with the subcontractor. I paid top dollar for that roofing job. There was enough profit to do the right thing by the laborers. The only person who really benefited was the subcontractor - and only by a small margin. It's was NOT worth it.

    Crime does NOT pay.

    If we send the illegal aliens home, employers will have to pay laborers a decent wage. They will have to improve working conditions. There will be legal limits to the degree of hazard employees will be exposed to and the amount of abuse employees will be obliged to accept. In some cases safety equipment will have to be invested in and better tools will have to be purchased.

    I would rather pay for food and shelter provided through the efforts of adequately paid citizens with health plans and legal protections from abuse than pay higher taxes to cover the cost of illegal aliens in our health care system, social welfare programs and public schools.

    I'm in favor of welcoming a moderate number of legal immigrants from all over the world, and treating them decently. I am not in favor of abusing a large under-class of South American illegal immigrants.

    Observers of slavery in the pre-civil war South quickly grasped that both master and slave were degraded by their relationship. No one escaped unscathed. So it is with our supposedly "cheap labor pool" of illegal aliens. When we step back and examine the entirety, we see that the exploitation of illegal aliens is very, very costly. It does not save us a dime, it degrades us as a people, and it makes marginalized criminals off huge swathes of people.
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    Replacements will arrive and/or be born faster than you can ship them out. Reconquista is here --- enjoy the ride. :D
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    Perhaps but I still say ship them out.

    If the government enforced immigration at the border as they should be doing the stream of replacements would dry up. Enforcing the law of the land is the key.
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