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  1. RB

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    Feds find failures in Cook Co. homeland security project

    By Carol Marin and Don Moseley January 8, 2012 9:58PM

    Seems DHS needs some adult supervision. These people seem happy to waste taxpayers monies.
  2. Doober

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    I don't know what they are complaining about - isn't that SOP for DHS?
  3. Lisa Simeone

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  4. Lisa Simeone

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    It's up at TSA News.
  5. FaustsAccountant

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    Yes and the highest level of standard.
  6. Mike

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    This is Illinois you're talking about -- how many ex-governors are in prison, on parole or headed there? What's a paltry $45M distributed among "likely voters" in Cook County?

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