DHS Motivation for harassing Yukari Miyamae?

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    Stacey Armato and Yukari Miyamae are completely separate incidents.

    Stacey Armato flew through the same airport, using the same checkpoint, at the same time, on the same days of the week, requiring the same special handling over a period of weeks, maybe months, who complained about her individual treatment. It is completely reasonable to suspect that individual clerks knew who she was by sight.

    Miyamae on the other hand flew the same route periodically. There are 2 checkpoints to access the same area (actually 4, but only 2 are reasonably used here), and there is no evidence that she made life hard on smurfchen through complaints or special handling. Only that she attempted to avoid the scanners. She wouldn't particularly stand out at an airport the size of PHX for doing so. To think that she was singled out on sight for interviewing Assange for the same reasons that Armato was is absurd.
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    However, I didn't say that. You're basically positing something & then arguing with yourself.

    I simply pointed out that it would have been entirely possible for them to be on the watch for her. Screeners are dumb, but they're not all so dumb & hopeless that they couldn't accomplish that simple task if higher-ups directed them to do so.

    If the connection were anyone other than Julian Assange, I would probably not even consider the possibility, but numerous travelers have been interrogated and had their laptops confiscated for warrantless searches because they have supported and/or conducted business with Julian Assange.
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    Last year, TSOs in Phoenix and Miami were assaulted by passengers. The court cases have concluded and I wanted to let you know that both cases ended in guilty pleas by the passengers.​
    In July 2011, a passenger flying out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport argued with our Officers, refused screening (this is a lie) and groped the female Supervisor.​

    (Yukari Miyamae did not refuse screening. The man in front of her went through the metal detector, she was ready, willing to do the same. The TSA agent directed her to the Scanner. She asked why can't I go through the metal detector? TSA got all in a huff, surrounded her, and kept on provoking and intimidating her until she panicked and pushed one of the agents away.
    Keep in mind Yukari is only 5' tall. How close did the TSA agent have to come before Yukari could reach out and push her away?)

    [He’s referring to the heroic Yukari Miyamae.] The 61-year-old woman was charged by local law enforcement. Last week she pleaded guilty to two charges – assault and disorderly conduct.​

    (Yukari wanted simply to put this behind her. She could have fought the charges - if she had $ 15,000 for a lawyer, and if she didn't mind commuting through the same airport where TSA agents ambushed her, and harrassed and stalked her after the incident. She would have pleaded "no contest" but the judge would not allow that.)
    The woman entered into a plea agreement stipulating that she would enter into a state court-appointed counseling program and was served with an injunction prohibiting her from having any contact with the STSO personally or professionally.​
    (Did I mention that TSA somehow did not have a video recording of the incident?)
    The judge admonished the woman for “irresponsible conduct and lack of respect for the people who keep us safe.”;​

    (The judges demeanor and attitude was more than enough to assure Yukari and her lawyer that she would never receive a fair hearing.)
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    The Ballad of Yukari Miyamae

    Listen to me and I’ll tell you anon
    Of a notable prince who was called Pistole, John.
    He ruled over America with main and with might.
    But he did great wrong and maintained little right.

    And I’ll tell you a story, a story so sorry,
    Concerning a translator called Yukari.
    She finished her work and was going home one day,
    But TSA agents blocked her way.

    She went to security on that ill fated day,
    And waited patiently as was her way,
    Through the metal detector the man before her went,
    But when her turn came, to the scanner was she sent.

    Said she, “Why have you sent me the scanner here,
    When radiation and cancer are my greatest fear?
    She asked the TSA agent with a quavering voice,
    The agent replied gruffly, “You have no choice!”

    “Unless you pass through the scanner there,
    We will grope you all over, and you know where!
    Not an inch of your body will go untouched,
    For others it is illegal, but not for us!”

    “Touch me not!” she said to him,
    “There is no need, for scan or sin,
    Let me through yonder archway go,
    I am no terrorist, as you well know,

    “Many a time have I traveled through here,
    You have seen me before, so have no fear,
    Look at me carefully, here where I stand,
    Do you see weapon, explosive, or contraband?”

    “I do not care,” said he of the gruff voice,
    “Did I not say that you have no choice?”
    So saying, he called to his servants three,
    Terror, Lust, and Infamy!

    They compassed her about on every side.
    She had nowhere to turn, and nowhere to hide.
    A policeman came too, but not to her aid,
    For TSA agents made him greatly afraid.

    He cared not for she who cowered in fear,
    Of the TSA agents who crowded so near.
    He ignored the plight of this woman so small,
    And instead he joined the agents tall!

    “Now they will surely do me harm, what shall I do?”
    So she pushed the nearest away, (she was a shrew).
    “Now”, said the policeman to Yukari, “this is all your fault!”
    But to the agent he asked, “Do you want to charge sexual assault?”

    So he arrested Yukari, and took her away,
    And overnight in the jail she did stay.
    Even thieves and criminals of every stripe
    Looked at her, and said, this isn’t right.

    A kindly judge let her go free next day,
    Back to the airport, and on her way,
    She saw the same people at their work;
    They saw her, and she saw them smirk.

    So she returned home, but her story is not done.
    For soon her day in court must come.
    The DA has charged this woman so small,
    With “fighting” and “disorderly conduct” withal.

    For he does not know that the TSA agents lied,
    He does not know, and is on their side.
    The TSA agents have his favor,
    But TSA grants criminals waivers.

    Extortion, fraud, bribery, too,
    kidnapping, rape or sexual abuse,
    robbery, smuggling, as and as I live,
    These crimes, and more, TSA forgives.

    So TSA agents lie and steal,
    And flash their badge behind the wheel,
    Some use drugs, and look the other way,
    Others kidnap and rape, what can we say?

    Yukari Miyamae stands accused,
    She who was the victim of TSA abuse,
    Criminals rule at airports today,
    And arrest all those who stand in their way.

    -by Doug

    The poem above was composed from my personal conversations with Yukari Miyamae, as well as from other reports.
    National Association of Airline Passengers
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    So DHS/TSA had the judge in their pocket.
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    Just as I hope every member of Congress and every apologist out there gets his parts poked by the TSA, I hope the same for every judge like this. These people are assholes. And they deserve to be probed.
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    was it by accident that this particular judge got assigned this particular case?
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    Thanks for the memo: John Pistole praises TSA, slams citizens
    by LISA SIMEONE on APRIL 30, 2012

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