Video Disabled daughter traumatized by TSA at DFW

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Dec 10, 2012.

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    But do they indicate exactly what that minute amount of "common everyday product" is?
  2. RB

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    I was able to watch a TSA screener test a swab from my camera bag at DFW. As I recall the machine tells them the class of the item alarming. I don't recall there being an indicator of how strong the result was. It seemed pretty simple and given the typical TSA employee I would expect nothing much more than a green or red light and if they punch the right button a banana pops out.

    If we knew what model of machine TSA uses we could look up the owners manual for it.
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    Thanks, RB. I assumed that was the situation, especially since I've read that these machines can be set to detect narcotics also but allegedly that function has been turned off as has the GSR capability. It they alarmed on GSR, they'd be going off all day long.

    A bit of Googling says Smiths is the manufacturer:
  4. RB

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    We know this:​

    Simultaneous detection enables the Itemiser® DX desktop to detect a broad range of explosives that meet current market threats. It delivers fast, simultaneous explosives and narcotics detection in a package that is ergonomic and portable.​

    New long life positive ion dopant • detects peroxide explosives​
    = Clear Care Contact lens cleaner!

    This is not the machine TSA used on my camera bag. I'm guessing these are intended for Gate Rapes.
  5. RB

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    Isn't it against TSA SOP to seperate a child from a parent?

    It's high time for Congress to put all TSA employees in prision for life.
  6. CelticWhisper

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    Solitary confinement with the cell doors permanently welded shut.
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    They're now getting royally hammered for this:
    UK Daily Mail: Wheelchair-bound girl, 12, left in tears after TSA detains her for an hour 'after detecting traces of explosives on her hands'
    • Video shows Shelbi Walser as she is held in front of hundreds of passengers
    • TSA agents 'would not let her mother get close to comfort her'
    • 'Did not check her wheelchair which had probably rolled through something'
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    It is painfully obvious that not one of the TSA gröpensmurfs thought she presented a threat, or they wouldn't have had so many passers-by still moving through the area.

    And if she's not a threat, why was she detained? Short answer, "Theatre."
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    Becky chimes in: The TSA: Bullying Sick Little Girls to Tears

    Posted by Becky Akers on December 14, 2012 09:44 AM

    Apparently, Our sadistic Rulers so enjoyed tormenting a girl with cerebral palsy earlier this year at New York’s JFK International that they piled on again, this time in Dallas. Shelbi Walser, who’s all of 12 years old but nonetheless in a wheelchair, “was traveling with her mother on Sunday for a trip that's become routine. The seventh grader lives with a genetic bone disorder and was on her way to Florida for another rare medical treatment. She's never had a problem flying, but this time Transportation Security Administration agents [sic for ‘Thieves and Sexual Assailants’] claimed she had bomb residue on her hands.”

    Right. And you know what that means: the creaky, dangerous, utterly wasteful Homeland-Security Apparatus swung into gear, trying to justify its miserable existence and annual budget of $8+ billion—all at this little girl’s expense.

    Shelbi, who regularly confronts phalanxes of doctors, needles, gizmos and pain, has to be fairly inured to fear. And yet this poor child broke down crying at the Assailants’ bullying. But just as her wheelchair provoked no sympathy, neither did her tears: the Assailants refused to let her mother comfort her. And they sicced a “bomb specialist” on their pitiable victim.

    But here’s a most encouraging development, something I’ve not previously seen in the near-daily reports of the TSA’s depredations: “…other passengers were speaking up in support of the girl.” Yay! Let’s hope more and more folks rediscover their decency and protest the Gestapo’s preying on the weak, the helpless, the vulnerable. Intimidating healthy adults is unconscionable enough: molesting little girls travelling for treatment...well, I've looked up "barbaric," "Nazi" and "inhuman" in my thesaurus but can't find a word bad enough.

    The psychopaths eventually tired of their game and released Shelbi and her mother without apology or explanation. Dare we hope that the passengers calling these nutjobs on their evil forced them to back off?

    As always, the TSA’s management excused this horrific abuse: "TSA's mission is to safely, efficiently and respectfully [HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!] screen nearly two million passengers each day at airports nationwide.” Aaaaawwwwwww. Aren’t we impressed? Let’s hear it for hard-shirking Thieves and Sexual Assailants! “We are sensitive to the concerns of passengers who were not satisfied with their screening experience…”—No, clearly you aren’t, you lying bozo—“…and we invite those individuals to provide feedback to TSA through a variety of channels."

    Unfortunately, horsewhipping and tar and feathers aren’t among those channels—yet...

    (If, like me, you'll be awake a very long time tonight, stewing and fuming over this story, you can thanks Charles Everett, who alerted me to it.)
  10. Mike

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    Boing Boing: The TSA is an irredeemable shitshow, part ten bazillion

    This time it's TSA at DFW, who detained a weeping 12-year-old girl with a genetic bone disorder in a wheelchair, separated from her family, on public display, for an hour. Her hands had tested positive for explosive residue, but it was a false alarm. No apologies from the TSA. Oh, and if she was the world's sneakiest suicide bomber, congrats, TSA, you kept her right there among all the other travelers for an hour, while you believed that she was about to blow herself to kingdom come. The Shitshow Agency, indeed.
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    Policy Mic: How the TSA Assaults the Dignity of All Americans

    Generally, when one hears the phrase "Papers, please," he thinks of a Nazi soldier at a checkpoint in the early 1940s. Secret surveillance and unwarranted searches are some of the content of the most sensationalist movies depicting the terror of East Germany's Stasi or the Soviet Union's KGB.

    Unfortunately, while Americans were sleeping, it washed up on our shores, too.

    In reality, it's probably not accurate to give America credit for being asleep while this happened. In fact, only 31% of Americans in 2011 felt that the so-called "Patriot Act" gave the government too much power. This act, effectively a repeal of the 4th Amendment strictures against searches without warrants and surveillance, was enacted shortly after the attacks of 9/11, and was based largely on legislation prepared by then-Senator Joe Biden during the '90s.

    Now, after the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and its Transportation Security Administration organ, the roll-out of "Security Theater," or activities done to enhance the appearance of safety while not contributing to security at all, has gone mainstream.

    The latest horrific overreach of government authority occurred in Dallas, at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

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    good point. they did in fact not take her to the private hut, at least the story implies it. So the grotesque genital massage should not have been done in public. perhaps it was.
  13. nachtnebel

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    no sympathy because they were soul-less pr*ks. They've hardened themselves to do things they should not be doing, and having empathy is the first thing to go. Guess what? That's a two-way street.
  14. RB

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    I don't see why TSA employees should get sympathy from anyone. They attack our freedoms, assualt our bodies, and confiscate our propety. Those kind of people belong behind bars!
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    I have to admit I'm a bit confused w/r/t parts of this this story. I've read that other travelers were allowed to comfort the child, to give her candy, tissues. How do we know this? I don't see it on any video. If there's a video that's longer than about 30 seconds that show this, can someone point me to it, please.

    I also don't think that the TSA laid a hand on her but rather just left her sitting there crying while all the numbskulls stood around trying to determine what to do. I truly believe they were intimidated by the angry passengers in close proximity. I don't think they would have dared to take her to a private room or even touch her in those circumstances.
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    Because people are still (too) sympathetic to people "just doing their jobs." In part, I blame the shitty economy - it's had a nontrivial psychological impact on the general public who sympathize with any case of "have to take work where I can find it" without considering that some jobs should never be done in any economy.

    And indeed, that's where I think the excuse falls apart: The job ITSELF is the problem. The job ITSELF is horrible and unconscionable and unjustifiable and should never, ever be done. And the fact that you ("you" as in TSA clerks-not-officers-not-agents) are willing to do it necessarily makes you a horrible person.

    I'm not a fan of people sitting at home collecting unemployment because they make more money that way than they would if they found jobs - my own company is having difficulty finding employees because of that. However, TSA is the exception. Leeching off of unemployment by deliberately avoiding work is still vastly more ethical than sexually assaulting innocent human beings en masse day after day to earn a paycheck. I don't believe in souls, but it's still damn possible to sell your decency, and that's exactly what everyone currently pulling in a paycheck from TSA is doing.

    If there are, in fact, clerks-not-officers-not-agents out there who have never groped anyone, never barked "Do you want to fly today" or "BRAVO FREEZE!", never made lewd comments about travelers or helped themselves to travelers' property, never separated a parent from their screaming, crying, terrorized child, never hidden behind the (expletive deleted) not-classification "SSI," and never otherwise partaken of any of the defining characteristics of TSA clerks-not-officers-not-agents as we know them today, then they are (sadly) so few as to be anomalous statistical outliers and thus, ultimately, unwarranting of mention.
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  18. RB

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    But they don't do that!
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    There, I fixed it for you!
    *New favorite acronym definition.
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    ^ You are 100% correct with respect to what you quoted from the TSA (They'll Steal Anything) Spokeshole. If this is truely their mission, they are a monumental failure indeed!

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