Video Disabled daughter traumatized by TSA at DFW

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Dec 10, 2012.

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    My understanding is that the machine does indicate which substance set off the alarm. The problem is that TSOs (The Shitshow Overlords) are so stupid that they can not be trained to recognize that unless that innocent substance is combined with another substance, nothing can go "boom." For example, if they detect "nitrogen" and not "glycerine," it's probably just fertilizer residue. If they detect "glycerine" and not "nitrogen," it is probably just handlotion, soap, or hair products. :rolleyes:
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    Can't fix stupid!!
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    Becky again: Don't Waste Your Time "Providing Feedback"

    Posted by Becky Akers on December 14, 2012 12:24 PM

    In response to the TSA’s abuse of little girls and the agency’s cant that “passengers who were not satisfied with their screening experience” should “provide feedback to TSA,” a reader observes, “Naturally, they didn't state anyone's feedback would have any impact upon interactions with passengers; however, providing feedback would give [TSA] the names and contact information on ‘malcontents’ to place in their database for targeting when they fly again. This could also land someone on the no-fly list. They would never know why or be able to find out, and all they would have would be their suspicion that speaking up only led them into a trap. We could ask ourselves, ‘Would they really do that?’ A better question would be, ‘Why would they not?’”


    Meanwhile, there’s this report from the Government Account—Govern—Acc—Acc—Accountability Office (whew! Sorry, I laugh hysterically every time I type that!) about the TSA’s handling of all that “feedback”: “TSA receives thousands of air passenger screening complaints—” Whoa! Just a minute: thousands? But isn’t this the agency that constantly brags about how few folks object to its sexual assault? Can it be? Did the TSA lie again?—“through five central mechanisms, but does not have an agencywide policy, consistent processes, or a focal point to guide receipt and use of such information,” blah, blah, blah. Translated from the Jargon, the TSA tosses your complaint into the circular file—doubtless after extracting all identifying info on the dissatisfied “customer,” as our perspicacious reader suspects.
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    Story is linked on Drudge. That out to generate a few 100 thousand hits.
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    I tried posting this comment (can't get logged in) to Equinox Black's comment about the ETD alarming on hand lotion. Could someone post this for me please?

    So what good is the test then? Worthless, just like TSA!
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    Which article, RB? I don't see the name EquinoxBlack at the Drudge link or the initial Fox link.
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    America Blog: TSA holds 12 y.o. girl in wheelchair for 1 hour, for ‘explosives’ (video)

    It’s interesting that the story cleans up the language of the TSA official talking to the young girl. Here’s what they say the official said:
    Not quite. Here’s what he actually said:
    I raise this because it speaks to the level of training and education.
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    As a observation , I haven't read anything regarding the total lack of competent Management by the tsa organization. It is incomprehensible that these mentally and morally deficient people are still being employed by this disgusting organization. Just a thought..............but then look at the thought that went into authorizing this aberration of our so-called rights... thank your elected officials....
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    You won't read anything about competent TSA management.
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    A few comments from RB's link:

    "I thought TSA was too busy stealing from people to acutally do their job."

    "Just to let you know how common some of these chemicals are ping pong balls are made from nitrocellulose. This kid could have touched all sorts of things and tested positive. I imagine TSA must have fits around the 4th of July."

    "Thank God our government is protecting us from twelve year old girls in wheelchairs!"

    "they were probably searching her wheelchair for an iPad they could steal."
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    The fact that a number of people were willing to speak up and actually chastised the gropers is probably the most encouraging sign that I have seen in two years.

    In December of 2010, the sheep would have pursed their lips and looked away, hoping to get through security without getting sexually assaulted.
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    I will admit I'm a former college hockey player who has mellowed into an aging Boomer. But, does anyone else share my urge to completely cold-cock these clerks? I may wind up with probation or jail, but a clerk or two would wind up with a few less teeth.
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    At least hook them.
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    It's a government standard that there be three lies. Just look at the MRE.
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    Followed by a sidewalk tribunal and lateral transfer of freedom fluffer to lamp post decoration.
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    After my rage at the clerks who did this, I just want to hug her, weep with her, and buy her an ice cream cone or something....and, ask her to dedicate her life to making sure this never happens again in the United States of America.

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