Disabled Traveler Saizai again violated by SFO security

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  1. Saizai is the disabled traveler who was messed with at BOS after he opted out, and then had all his stuff picked through. He's mute (most of the time, if I understand) and was denied a piece of paper and pen to communicate, despite a doctor's note clearly stating as much. They in fact gave him paper and pen for a minute, then snatched it away when he wrote down a protest to their search. We talked about him a few weeks ago in this thread. I've been keeping my eye on his Google+, and now he's had trouble at SFO. He calls it SFO TSA, but SFO has private security, does it not? Not sure it makes much difference because they follow TSA policy. Anyway, they gave him (expletive deleted) at SFO over his medical liquid juice, to which he requires constant access. He's mad as (expletive deleted) and looking to sue over both instances but still hasn't found any legal assistance. I sure hope he can find some help. Here's what he said on March 1 about the most recent incident:

    Then he has another post on March 2 summarizing his potential case and seeking legal assistance:

  2. He recorded the whole thing at SFO and has a transcript up on his Google+. It's in the comments thread on his post looking for a lawyer. He posted it for purposes of discussion but asked that it not be reprinted anywhere until he has his youtube video edited and subtitled, so I'll let you go look for it if you're interested. But can I just say, hot damn! Here's a guy who is trembling from muscle spasms because they won't let him have his juice, then they give it to him in a little paper cone he can't hold right because he's shaking too badly, and still he holds it together, stands his ground, demands his rights be respected and policy be followed, all the while filming the whole thing, getting everybody's name and title, and refusing to answer questions he shouldn't have to answer. This guy impresses me. Would that I had his composure in the face of tyranny.
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    Lemme guess, it's "for his safety?'
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    The odds of funding a lawyer aren't good unless you have a ton of money but he is very well written and may be able to do this himself with some guidance.

    Jon has done pretty well in terms of preparing legal documents and might be able to help him. Saizai is obviously willing to do the leg work and based on his writing skills could probably keep a bunch of TSA lawyers tied up for months.
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  5. The ADA violation thing may be in his favor in terms of finding a lawyer. That's kind of a different category from the guy with the peanut butter.
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    When they look at a 20-something male who can still walk on his own two feet, the attorneys aren't going to be counting dollar signs the same way as when two 90-something wheelchair-bound grandmas are molested.

    It's sounds like he's got a case, but it's still going to be hard to find an attorney to take it on contingency.
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    You'd think.
    That is the only avenue based on my experience.
    Maybe someday history will reveal to us more about the lockstep that prevented social-tort attorneys from assisting on these cases beyond the expectation they would not prevail.

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