Disburbing WaPo article on public law vs. secret law

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Mike, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Mike

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    Very disturbing article in the Washington Post ...

    For secretive surveillance court, rare scrutiny in wake of NSA leaks

    There's almost a complete dichotomy between public law -- the Constitution, Bill of Rights and democracy that we thought we had, and the secret laws and courts that allow the NSA & FBI to trample over everything.

    What the (expletive deleted) happened to our democracy? This has to end, and if it isn't quickly shut down and exposed to the public just as Germany did with the East German Stasi, we need to do whatever it takes to force that to happen. A second American Revolution is going to be just around the corner if things continue as they are.

    The next Occupy should be directed at the courts -- Occupy the Courts and expose these evil creatures that have usurped control of our government and judiciary.

    All 11 of the current members were tapped by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.


    The court’s current chief, D.C. District Court Judge Reggie B. Walton, was so perturbed about recent critiques of the court that he issued a rare public statement in the wake of newspaper reports about the court’s approval of the phone and Internet surveillance programs.


    One of the most recent appointees, Judge Michael W. Mosman of Oregon


    Days after U.S. District Judge Rosemary M. Collyer’s March appointment to the secret court


    Another member is Susan Webber Wright, the Arkansas judge


    two former presiding judges — Joyce Hens Green and Colleen Kollar-Kotelly


    U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth

    I will cheer for anything bad that happens to these (expletive deleted) -- I want to see our democracy returned to us by any means necessary.

    Here's what secret courts accomplished in Nazi Germany -- we should NOT permit secret courts in the United States:

    December 24, 1936
    Nazi circles here today acclaimed the decision of a secret tribunal upholding Government confiscation of the fortune and property of Arthur Simson, Jewish former owner of the famous arms plant at Suhl, expropriated last year, the Havas News Agency reported.
    The tribunal handed down its decision late yesterday. Simson and three other persons had been charged with reaping “illicit profits to the detriment of the Reich.”
    Simson, who is now living abroad, faces arrest if he returns to Germany. Two of his co-defendants were acquitted for lack of evidence, while a third was given his liberty under the amnesty of 1934.
    The Suhl plant, which employed 3,000 workmen, was ordered placed at the disposition of Chancellor Adolf Hitler last December, by Fritz Saukel, Nazi Governor of Thuringia, and Gen. Werner Von Blomberg, defense minister. Simson, whose family was one of the oldest Jewish families in Germany and had owned the plant for generations, was forced to turn over several million marks as alleged “illegal profit.”
    The action against him, started six months ago, was heard behind closed doors because of “military secrets, disclosure of which would have put the safety of the state in danger.”

    In 1936 secret courts approved the seizure of Jewish assets. Today secret courts & their government cronies are not only turning the Bill of Rights inside out but are also approving the assassination of United States Citizens.
  2. Mike

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    EFF couldn't even get a phone number for the (expletive deleted) traitors to file a motion:

    The court’s under-the-radar approach proved a particular challenge this spring to the Electronic Frontier Foundation when it sought to file its motion seeking release of the prior finding of the unlawful government surveillance. It turned out that the mere act of finding the court proved a steep hurdle.
    Repeated calls to the court clerk from the foundation went unreturned, said David Sobel, an attorney for the group. The group wound up submitting the motion through a staffer at the Justice Department, whose officials were actively opposing the group’s efforts.
    “We never had any direct contact with the court,” Sobel said, “and the other party in the proceeding was the gatekeeper.”
    Chief Justice Roberts himself signaled some discomfort with the system during his 2005 confirmation hearings.
    “I’ll be very candid,” he told senators. “When I first learned about the FISA court, I was surprised. It’s not what we usually think of when we think of a court. We think of a place where we can go, we can watch, the lawyers argue, and it’s subject to the glare of publicity. And the judges explain their decision to the public and they can examine them. That’s what we think of as a court.”

    Hitler would be so proud! We learned so well!
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  3. Mike

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    Can't get to any WaPo comments, they just seem to be "loading" forever.
  4. Elizabeth Conley

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    This article strikes at the very heart of my terror over what' going on in the U.S. today. Secret laws and secret courts, how can this be good? How can such a system do anything but undermine the security of the people subject to it? The existance of the FISA court assails the security of U.S. citizens.

    Of course they don't want comments accessible. People are scared and angry. Those comments can't be comforting.

    I know that I am personally horrified. I can't believe our federal legislators have the nerve to issue diatribes against Snowden, and that the Executive branch dares to issue an arrest warrant. They should be too ashamed, and too scared. They should be scared of us, their employers, but they're not.

    The very lack of fear shown by our legislative and executive branch terrifies me most of all. They have committed terrible crimes, and they know that justice will never be served.

    Those of us who object the most are far too law-abiding to exact any extra-judicial justice, and these criminal conspirators are confident that they OWN the justice system. Our Legislative and Executive branches are unassailable, and free to commit all the crimes they care to.

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