Discovery Channel Posts Video of Reality Show Assault on Photographer

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  1. A Youtube video has surfaced showing a portion of what took place during the night a San Diego photographer was assaulted for attempting to photograph a film set of a Discovery Channel reality show in January.
    The video was posted by the Discovery Network in May, but it didn’t come to my attention until today.
    The show being filmed was The Devils Ride about a San Diego motorcycle club.
    Photographer Ashi Fachler ended up in the emergency room where the picture below was taken.
    In the video, a narrator explains the following:
    “The bikers’ girlfriends and wives are out to dinner and prospect Charles is guarding over them.
    “A prying photographer has just hit Charles in the face with a camera.”
    Footage of the incident begins by showing Fachler standing on a public sidewalk outside a restaurant swinging his camera at the biker.
    But it is also pretty evident that he appears to be defending himself.
    Especially considering he is yelling, “get off me, get the police here, get of me.”
    Eventually there are several individuals attacking him, including the women who were in such dire need of protection.
    At :32 in the video, a biker can be seen kicking Fachler in the midsection.
    The segment ends with Fachler kneeling on the ground.
    Next, the biker known as Charles states the following:
    “Well, I got sent down there to do a job and the job was to keep an eye out on the ladies and protect them and somebody was posing as a threat, so we had to do a dance.”
    “It was so much that this person was trying to photograph the women, he just was getting too close and being in the way and I just asked him to move along and apparently there was a problem with that.”
    The segment is ripe for reality TV, which thrives on these moments, especially for a show that just debuted this year.
    But it’s also ripe for a lawsuit, which apparently Fachler is filing.
    When contacted today for comment, Fachler said he was unable to comment and referred me to a San Diego attorney, who has not called me back yet.
    An online search through San Diego County court records show the only civil suits connected to Fachler are from the late 1990s and unrelated to this incident.
    Here are more details from the incident from my previous article:
    Fachler, who was hospitalized for a night and is still recovering from the Jan. 27 incident, did not speak on the record because it is a pending legal matter.
    But his girlfriend, Stephanie Santos, gave Photography is Not a Crime an exclusive interview on the matter Tuesday morning.
    “He came around the corner and started shooting,” she said. “A woman came up to him and asked if he was with the press. Before he could answer, a gorilla of a man started pushing and shoving him away from the scene.
    “Then somebody came up behind him and suckered punched him. Then hit him two or three more times. They did a real number on his rib cage.”
    Fachler ended up having to dial 911 on his own phone because nobody else offered to help him.
    A police officer who responded to the scene ordered Fachler to walk a block to the ambulance, even though he had suffered a sprained ankle.​

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