Doc William Beals faulted for overmedicating patient made big $ teaching other docs how to prescribe

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    Makes one wonder if the pharmaceutical companies are trying to spread safe, useful information or if they just want to get physicians to prescribe, prescribe, prescribe!

    Syracuse Post-Standard: Doc faulted for overmedicating patient made big bucks teaching other docs how to prescribe

    A Clay doctor recently blamed by a jury for causing a patient to commit suicide by overmedicating him with psychiatric drugs was highly paid by pharmaceutical companies to teach other doctors how to prescribe some of the same medications. Dr. William Beals, 61, acknowledged during a malpractice trial last month he received more than $200,000 in compensation between 2000 and 2009 from pharmaceutical companies to promote their drugs to other physicians.

    Moonlighting as a paid speaker for drug companies is not unusual for doctors and other health professionals. “Physicians value the opportunity to learn from their peers — other prescribers who have real-life experience with our medicines,” Elli Lilly and Co., one of the drug companies Beals worked for, says on its website.

    But some people question why a drug company would want someone with Beals’ track record teaching other doctors. The family medicine doctor was disciplined by the state in February for prescribing drugs to patients for years without ever seeing them in his office. In September he was censured by the state for abusing alcohol and drugs. Beals was placed on probation for five years. Last month a state Supreme Court jury found Beals’ negligence caused longtime Henninger High School coach and teacher Joseph Mazella to commit suicide three years ago.

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