Dogs at Denver searching for "things that go boom" -- and what else? [DEN]

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Mike

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    CBS Local Denver: Major Change Coming To The Security Lines At DIA (June 29 2013)

    TSA confirms it is using canines to pre-screen passengers and if they pass they may be able to go through an expedited security line ... “What are we looking for? We’re looking for things that go boom. The dog takes care of that very, very effectively, and the rest of this is finding pointy objects,” aviation expert Mike Boyd said.

    As effectively as your Nude-O-Scopes find weapons?

    How many of these dogs a cross-trained to find drugs and cash, which would an unconstitutional search under those circumstances?
  2. RB

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    If the dogs are as well trained as the one at Atlanta that bit a lady then the slip and fall lawyers need to start lining up.
  3. I'd like to know what the resolution search looks like. Especially if the dog sticks its nose in your crotch and then sits down.

    Secondly, I'd like to know who to talk to about my lawsuit when one of these dogs bites me, since it's happened at least twice already.

    Finally, just curious, do trained sniffer dogs know not to get all excited when they smell your own dogs on you? Or more to the point, do their TSA handlers know how to tell when their dogs are excited to smell somebody else's dogs, rather than their drugs or cash (or, oh yeah, explosives or whatever)? Dogs are always excitedly sniffing me because of my own two large dogs.
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  4. KrazyKat

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    I believe many start out as drug-sniffing police dogs, and get more training. For those, 100%.
  5. KrazyKat

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  6. So then, are these probable cause dogs, like when a drug dog alerts on your car? Or if one of these is following you around in baggage claim can you still decline a search?

    Also, are they like the ETD's and alert on nitrates in sausage and glycerin in hand lotion? I sure hope not.
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  7. KrazyKat

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    TSA tests dogs as new airport screening method
    Telling people what they want to hear. Your experience may vary.

    From story Feb 1, 2013, on a GAO report casting doubt on the efficacy of the canine program: "...dogs to be deployed at 120 airports by the end of fiscal 2013":

    What's wrong with this picture? TSA: making it up as they go--and calling it a test.
  8. FliesWay2Much

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    Like this???

  9. Caradoc

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    Reminds me of the "package check" scene in "Barb Wire."

    (It's on Youtube, but I won't link it here... the first 60 seconds is the amusing bit. Just look for "barb wire package check," and say hello to Camille.)
  10. Mike

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    Disgusting & unsanitary: My wife puts her Subway sandwiches in the top of her purse. Is she now supposed to have some mutt drooling and slobbering in the purse?

    TSA just gets worse ... and worse.
  11. Mike

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    In 8th grade my friends & I used to hide our cigarettes in our crotches in school, so who knows what air travelers are hiding there. Thankfully we have dedicated public servants like TSA to sniff things out, get the bottoms off and get to the bottom of the these urgent issues in aviation security.

    Meanwhile, we'll just stay closer to home & drive.

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