DOJ screws millions of legitimate MegaUpload customers

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  1. Mike

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    Overlooked by most amidst all the publicity and fanfare over the MegaUpload takedown is the simple fact there there were millions of legitmate, fee-paying users who are now losing both their money and their data thanks to the US Department of "Justice".

    Wired/ThreatLevel: Feds Seize $50 Million in Megaupload Assets, Lodge New Charges

    Wired How-To Wiki: Retrieve Your Legal Data From

    Aside from whatever crimes the MegaUpload owners might or might not have committed, there were millions of users who paid fees for legitimate file-storage services from Megaload. These people are screwed. In addition to redirecting the domain name, the Department of "Justice" has been confiscating all assets (including fees from legitimate customers) of MegaUpload, preventing their vendors from being paid, and the Department of "Justice" has even had the audacity to order the purge of MegaUpload files, including legitimate customers' files whose storage paid for.

    The Department of "Justice" is becoming America's #1 terrorist.
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    Thanks for this, Mike. I'm including it in tomorrow's round-up for a newsletter I co-edit. It's called Liberty Underground Virginia -- LUV (yes, unfortunate name) for short. It comes out every day and is sent to subscribers all over the world. Created and edited by Jack Balkwill, in Virginia. He does it Monday through Friday; I do it on the weekends. This is an important story and I just booted out another one I had planned to include to make room for it.
  3. Mike

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    Be sure to look at the other incident ( that I just posted.
  4. Mike

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    The FBI & DOJ released their latest response to legitimate Megaupload customers: "(expletive deleted) you."

    Wired / Threatlevel (11 June 2012): Feds Tell Megaupload Users to Forget About Their Data

    The federal response total B.S. They didn't just execute a simple search warrant. They seized the funds that legitimate customers had paid for legitimate storage services, and they seized the domain names needed to access & operate the site normally. The search warrant execution is finished. The servers are still intact and in possession of the service provider, Carpathia. It is what the feds have done above & beyond search warrant execution that are depriving legitimate customers of their data that is still on these servers.
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  5. Mike

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    Wired / Threatlevel: Retired Judge Joins Fight Against DOJ’s ‘Outrageous’ Seizures in Megaupload Case

  6. RB

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    Is the lesson in this for people who rely on cloud storage to move all files and data to their own equipment?
  7. Mike

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    Until the FBI gets put in its place, the lesson is that you still need to keep your own backups of the data. Until then if the FBI's rogues attack your vendor's servers, you could be screwed.

    This makes cloud storage much more expensive, since typically you are charge by the GB for storage and egress (downloading) traffic

    The analogy that come to mind is one of ransacking (and rendering inhabitable) every house in the subdivision just because they have a search warrant for the mansion at the end of the cul-de-sac.
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    I'm glad to see that this judge gets it. And that age is no factor. He's 74.

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