DOJ urges judge to side with plaintiff in Baltimore police taping case

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    Well, this is surprising: the DOJ actually standing up for the rights of the citizens. As the article goes on to note, the right to videotape/photograph/record police was already settled in Maryland by a lawsuit. But the Baltimore police don't seem to have gotten the message. So back to court they go, for trying to censor citizens and confiscating and destroying their property. Will they ever learn?

    DOJ urges judge to side with plaintiff in Baltimore police taping case

    In court filing, Civil Rights Division says Baltimore Police deleting man's videos violates rights

    By the way, another video of that same incident shows the police using excessive force on this woman. Yes, she was probably drunk (the Preakness is a (expletive deleted) hole -- whole 'nother subject), but they slammed her head against the marble/granite/whatever floor. The video went viral despite the cops' attempts to prevent it.
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    Cell phone pictures and video are the citizens' best defense against police malfeasance.

    As long as we can record their behavior and report their crimes we have a good chance of getting the bad cops out of law enforcement.
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    "See something, say something, record something"!
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