Double Opt-Out with Checked Luggage

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Bungnoid, Oct 17, 2011.

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    This is not a report. I was wondering what might happen in such a situation. Would they hold up the flight in order to pull your bags? It would seem that allowing luggage to fly without its owner would be a bomb risk. Would this exacerbate the level of hassle one would expect when pulling a double opt-out? Would you be more likely to be assessed the fabled $11,000 fine?
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    Internationally, they will pull your luggage for sure. Domestically, positive bag matching is not required -- your luggage might go somewhere without you.

    For international trips, "positive bag matching" only means that you cannot choose to separate from your luggage. The airline can elect to make that separation whether you like it or not. :)
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    Some thoughts:

    - While in the double opt-out process, the TSA asked me if I had any checked bags. I'm sure if I had said yes, they would have tried to pull them. ...and probably tried to search them as well. ;)

    - I would agree that luggage - owner = bomb risk, but the TSA has failed to inspect cargo shipments for years. The fact that a bag of PETN attached to an altimeter-based detinator has not downed a plane is truly astounding.

    - lol @ the fine... to the best of my knowledge, the TSA has not fined a single person since the implementation of scope & grope. As mentioned in other posts, fining you would require them to accept a District Court challenge of scope & grope and would require them to submit to discovery. I also suspect that you could easily get your legal fees paid for by accepting online donations.

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    They still aren't screening the cargo. They failed to meet the deadlines for their own cargo screening mandate, so they changed the rules.

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