Driving While Black in Tenaha, Texas

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    The original story from 2009 is an oldie but goodie. More recently the county attorney has been hung out to dry and must defend herself, and the federal lawsuit was certified as a class action late last August.

    L.A. Times (11 March 2009): Driving through Tenaha, Texas, doesn't pay for some: A lawsuit alleges that the town's police pull over motorists -- especially African Americans -- and extort money and valuables by threatening criminal charges or worse.

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    Dallas Morning News (22 Jan 2010): East Texas DA faces civil rights lawsuit without government help

    Wah! :D

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    KTRE (29 August 2011): Nacogdoches attorney responds to class action certification on Tenaha lawsuit

    The local DA is still out on the clothesline.
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    Let her rot on it. And that whole d*mn town.

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