Drug Arrests at SJU demonstrate a TSA Failure

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    I searched and did not find an earlier post. If I missed it please excuse me.

    I suspect most have heard about the bust of the drug runners at SJU.


    I think there is a bigger point to be made.

    One of the methods was for airport/airline workers to enter the secure area of the airport with the drug shipment and without any screening handing over the package to a person who had a ticket to fly and had gone through TSA security. The other methods involved baggage handlers placing drug laden suitcases on certain flights.

    This case is a perfect example of the 100% failure of TSA Security Protocols.

    I will say that again: This case is a perfect example of the 100% failure of TSA Security Protocols.

    This TSA failure isn't limited to SJU but applies to every airport that TSA has screening oversight at.

    TSA's continuing failure to not screen all people who enter the secure area renders every airport as an unscreened unsecured area. Or in more simple terms all of the 8 billion dollars TSA spends each year is totally wasted by not doing real security.

    No amount of just screening certain select people can compensate for the lack of not screening everyone and this is proven but the SJU drug bust. TSA didn't know if drugs or bombs where being loaded on the airplanes because TSA isn't doing its basic core job.

    TSA Security policies are so screwed up that TSA had no idea this was happening and the ability for handing over contraband of any kind in the secure area demonstrates the uselessness of the abuses TSA puts travelers through.

    SJU is a JOHN S. PISTOLE failure. TSA Administrator John S. Pistole has shown the world that he has neither the skills or intelligence to understand even the most basic security operations.
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    This is exactly where the security CANYON is. Here. R ight where there is complete access to the aircraft with a bloody suitcase of how many kilos? Yet, completely unaddressed because there is NO way to close that canyon. Yet look at all the attention they focus on four year old Suzy's crotch. If it were so disgusting, unAmerican, illegal, and frustrating, such stupidity would be terribly funny. Clowns. 60,000 clowns run by the biggest joker in memory, John Pistole.
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    I've been saying this since the beginning. I worked for an airline for 10 years. A single airline employee can get anything he or she wants on an airplane by simply bypassing security.
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    Oh come on guys, you all know now how this will work:

    not only was all proper procedures were followed and nothing wearing a blue shirt did anything; to further address the issues though, the old problem of employees, shipment and cargo will continue to be ignored BUT instead, new policy will be placed to more invasively search people who have nothing to do with security hole.

    Nothing will change except for the worse. :rolleyes:
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    Ron Bonner wrote a post on this for TSA News.
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    Oh great - now instead of a 45 minute snail crawl through "priority" lines, I'll have a day and a half because we, the travelers, will be punished. I hate this airport anyway, now I can loathe it.

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