Drug Warrior Terms Now Used For Sex Education

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Frank, May 13, 2012.

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    Bill Haslam, Tennessee Governor, Signs Controversial Sex Education Bill
    Good grief.

    There goes Spin the Bottle.

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    Lisa, you're missing the point. Isn't genital touching at their airport in violation of the Gateway law? This should be used to stop TSA groping!
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    We are facing a continuous barrage of officially sanctioned boundary violations in this culture.

    When they were younger my children's boundaries were occasionally violated by the sexually precocious behavior of their public schooled peers. We learned to keep an eagle eye out for gropers and mashers at Sunday school and other kiddie social environs. The little girls' attacks on our son were the most aggressive. The lewd talk was off-putting and precluded real friendship.

    When parents I know teach their children about sexuality appropriate boundaries feature prominantly in the discussion. Children are taught to stick up for themselves, honor their own feelings and those of others. Not so public sex education curriculum. They're so busy yapping about how "natural" sexual activity is, they omit talking about self-respect or individual rights.

    The people pushing for sex ed in schools just don't get it. They talk about things many children aren't ready for, which is a boundary violation. These "educators" frequently talk about these things the children aren't ready for even when parents have exempted their children from sex ed, which is also a boundary violation. In short, their zeal for children to become sexually "liberated" is resulting in a careless contempt for the individual rights of children.

    These aggressive "do gooders" who like to harp on how "natural" masturbation, homosexuality and groping and pawing one another is do not respect the values of parents or the feelings of children who don't want to be cornered and pawed at and don't want to discuss their sexuality with anyone but their parents - and even then on their own terms. "Oh don't be prudish!" the sex educators exclaim. Never mind that people of all ages have a right to be "prudish."

    Everyone here wants their right to be secure in their persons respected. We are outraged by the assaults perpetuated against citizens by TSA gropers, bus station rent-a-cops and police who commit warrentless, suspicionless stop-and-search. If we want our boundaries respected, we're going to have to start at the beginning.

    We're going to have to start respecting children's boundaries. The police state is going to have to rethink their approach to "sex education", which has gone too far. Sex education now consists of sexually harassing children and encouraging children to sexually harass each other. This is fine for sexually precocious kids, but extremely stressful for the rest. It's not OK for public educators to become creepy Uncle Chesters, whose conversation inevitable strays across his nieces' and nephews' boundaries into disconcerting territory.

    My kids would have preferred not to have to fend off the unwanted attentions of their peers at the tender ages of 7, 8 & 9. I don't care who's gnashing their teeth over the new limits, I would have been grateful if little perverts hadn't been encouraged by authority figures to act out in a sexual manner, without regard for their more "prudish" peers. Maybe there will be a little less gratuitous groping on the playground in Tennessee.
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    Agree with Elizabeth 1000 per cent. I like her idea of boundary violations. Out in CA the boundary violations extend to some really questionable if not outright harmful sexual activity-related vaccines (guardasil) being forced on girls and boys alike, whose utility has not been shown nor the side affects justified. Or the sequestered meetings gynecologists have with young girls, as young as 12, apart from their parents explaining to them their options for birth control and sexual activity. There is no respect for the boundaries wrt the kids, nor to the parents responsible for those kids.

    Those who want their kids exposed to stuff like this without regard to how this material is presented, or of its effect on their kids or their kids' readiness for it, are failing in their responsibility. This law is an attempt to fix that. Like most laws, it is probably a poor replacement for the common sense that people ought to already have in these types of matters. An indication of how sick, rudderless, and unable to differentiate between right and wrong we have become as a country.
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    Here's why it will be struck down:

    Opponents, which include Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee and the state teachers' union, say that before they can begin fighting the new law, they have to be able to figure it out. They worry that discussion of sexual behavior could be interpreted as condoning it.

    A law that vague is going to be found to violate the Fifth Amendment.

    And who does this law apply to? Does it apply to students (as well as teachers), particularly high school students? I can see all kinds of consensual "gateway" activity going on between students. And where does this 'gateway" activity have to occur before authorities get involved? On campus? off campus? The posting of photos on Facebook? Would these students be arrested or fined? I would argue that such a law would be vague as applied to these students too - and again it would be unconstitutional.

    I support the idea of age-appropriateness for sex-ed classes, but I think this bill goes too far.
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    yeah, that's what woke me up to that clown. I had kind a liked his talk of secession and whatnot, talk of standing up to the Feds, and then he went and pulled that. From that point I knew he was a few cards shy of a full deck.
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    More like playing poker with a pinochle deck. His head is stuffed so far up his (expletive deleted) its not even funny. I wish he would get out of politics and dissappear along with hutchison, and dewhurst.

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