(drumroll) Our dedicated TSA agents are working for free

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    From the Much-Ado-About-Nothing-Department, an annoying propaganda piece (I suspect written by their union) about how all of the our dedicated TSA agents are working gratis during the government shutdown while Congress continues to be paid. At the bottom of the piece the reporter finally admits they'll all get their checks when the people who cut the checks come back to work.

    My Fox Atlanta: TSA employees working without pay during shutdown (Oct 2 2013)

    While 800,000 federal employees are not reporting to work during the government shutdown, thousands of TSA employees are expected to come to work without pay.

    (cue up a few bars of Stars & Strips Forever to follow the drumroll)

    They're the first line of defense on the ground and in the air at our nation's airports, but TSA workers are not getting paid during the federal government shutdown. Yet they continue to come to work with the same smile and dedication they had when they had a guaranteed paycheck.

    The unpaid TSA workers include security officers, screeners and even the air marshals who protect passengers on planes.

    The American Federation of Government Employees, the union that represents the workers, said it's unacceptable that they aren't being paid.


    Air travelers appreciate the dedication of TSA workers, and say they should be paid for their work – just like members of Congress continue to be.


    TSA workers will be paid for their time worked during the government shutdown once Congress passes a budget because they have been deemed "law enforcement necessary."

    ( :rolleyes: Blue shirts & tin badges != law enforcement)

    But in the meantime, no paychecks are coming in.
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