'Drunk' man pees on 11 year old on JetBlue flight

Discussion in 'Other Aspects of Aviation Security' started by CelticWhisper, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. CelticWhisper

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    Surprising that TSA's crack team of BDO profiling experts weren't able to detect this guy as a threat.

    Remember, though, this is why you go before you get (on the plane|in the car|on the train). I've been on some unpleasant flights in my life, including cabin pressure so horrible I thought my eyeteeth were going to burst out of my jaw, but nothing quite like this.
  2. Mike

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    This is when you wish for an ejection portal. Nothing like a bit of fresh air at 36,000 feet.
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  3. Leave no trace

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    Isn't there a minimum size for weapons?

    Jeez, so drunk he can't find an overhead locker :)
    As the Brits would say, "he was taking the piss"
  4. Cartoon Peril

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    Drunks and lunatics are a much greater threat to aircraft safety than terrorists.
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  5. KrazyKat

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    Ooooooh. No, I'd say employee X with access to baggage/plane is a way greater threat--thanks, TSA, for doing so little about that.
    But staggering a few aisles up and taking a whiz, like you're leaning into an alley somewhere? Beyond beyond! I'm surprised at the father's restraint. I don't think common drunkenness or lunacy comes near to explaining that one.

    My worst didn't involve fisticuffs: I once had a cross-country flight with a turned-around plane, my window seat hastily wiped down where someone had ralphed. It was still moist and smelled, badly, from SEA-->PHL. Of course, too crowded for me and my toddler to move. :td:
  6. Lisa Simeone

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  7. RB

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  8. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    "Could be"? "Could be"?? AND he refused to apologize???

    Figures. He's a sports "hero," so he gets a pass. Don't get me started on the worship of sports in this country.
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  9. KrazyKat

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    Not. Sorry, seems I'm alone here trying to defend drunks and lunatics, but TSA with FAA pose a much bigger hazard to "air safety".
    Not too many flyers would think the passenger cabin = potential latrine, I don't care how drunk or krazy they are. I'm sure the skier's status helped enable his underage drinking. Cabin disruptions often involve testosterone poisoning. But the cockpit door is locked.
  10. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    Glad to find someone besides me uses the term "testosterone poisoning"!

    I agree that the TSA and FAA pose a bigger hazard, this is just a pithy way of pointing out to TSA apologists that they have their heads up their butts.
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  11. RB

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    He has been cut from the team. Seems he pissed away his chance at the Olympics.
  12. Mike

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    "[Robert Vietze is] very nice boy, one of the nicest, most respectable young people I've ever met," said a neighbor, Colin Seaman.

    I guess we should thank the parents & all the fine neighbors for raising such a pisser of a man. :td:
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  13. FetePerfection

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    What a little puke :vomit:I know the type, spoiled little (expletive deleted), mommy & daddy dearest think his :trash: doesn't stink and they've the money to corrupt his morals.

    And the neighbor saying "it would be very hard for me to believe this even happened" WHAT? If it takes a village to raise pond scum like this, I don't want to live in that village.
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  14. Fisher1949

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    Why is it that there is always some idiot who will attempt to defend the indefensible and why does the media feel it necessary to report this stupid statements?

    I'm sure he's a "nice young man" who just happens to view other people as his personal toilets.
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  15. Mike

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    The girl's famiy has released a statement that he did not pee on the girl ....

    MSNBC: Family disputes reports that girl was peed on during flight

    It is unclear whether, in the process of peeing on the floor, he accidentally peed on her leg.

    This very nice boy, one of the nicest, most respectable young people his neighbor has ever met, still remains a former Olympic hopeful. :D

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