Editorial: TSA’s heavy baggage

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    Seattle Times: Editorial: TSA’s heavy baggage

    Traveler irritation with the security rites of passage at U.S. airports guaranteed that no one felt sorry for the spate of bad publicity that has hit the Transportation Security Administration.

    Congress should call the agency to Capitol Hill to remove its shoes and suffer a public frisking.

    Seattle made a list of the top 20 airports for the most TSA employees fired for theft. Sea-Tac tied for eighth with Newark Liberty and Philadelphia International with 12 each. The rankings provided to ABC News covered firings from 2002 to 2011.

    Days earlier, TSA had announced a move to fire 25 employees and suspend 19 for improperly screening baggage. Eight were fired last June.

    The allegations at Newark include failure to open and inspect baggage flagged by X-ray machines. This is scary stuff because it goes to the heart of TSA’s mission. Thievery cannot be excused, but the whole point of the endless lines and public indignities is to catch bad stuff intended to harm passengers.

    Failure to do the screening, or supervise those who do, comes with demonstrable consequences for the flying public. This is the real outrage for TSA to manage.

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    I don't agree with this commentor's opinion on privatization, especially given John Pistole's actions and statements, but this insider view is worth noting:

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    Notable if only for the fact that it's the only clerk-posted comment I've ever seen that manages to be both plausibly honest and respectfully-worded.

    That said, the only response I can muster is "cry me a river." Intent in design being whatever it may, they're still molesting children, violating the rights of adults, dishonoring veterans and abusing the elderly on a daily basis. To say nothing of misappropriating tax dollars and telling brazen, bald-faced lies to Congress.

    I say "privatize away." Then the companies that take up the mantle can be sued into Chapter 11 and forced out of business.

    I don't much care HOW we get rid of TSA. I want it gone and if privatization is a good first step, then for frak's sake, let's take that step.
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    The baggage that TSA is hauling around has been bought and packed by none other than TSA and its employees.

    TSA owns this mess they created and we have to correct the TSA mess. I see no way for the current TSA leadership to remain in position if any correction can be made. I would suggest life prison terms for the top 1,000 TSA employees and slightly shorter terms for the remaining 59,000 or so employees.
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    That doesn't really jive with the way they tried to dodge the intent of Congress by rejecting all attempts at local privatization, until Congress revisited the issue and made it clear they had little choice but to go along with it.

    TSA isn't failing because its management has some ulterior motive for failure. TSA is failing because its management is incompetent.
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    Most of it's probably stolen, anyway. ;)

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