Ego-Death on Concourse C

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by RB, Aug 15, 2012.

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    You mean that people really don't want their privates felt up by low life scum on a random basis? RB, can you source me on that claim?
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    Well if we use TSA as a reference point I'm sure they would claim that people just love getting a TSA handjob.
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    That was a really good article. Horrible details, but details that should be shared far and wide.
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    "They" cross-post our content all the time, so it's ok if something flows back occasionally. There wouldn't be much left "over there" if we didn't find it for them..

    I used to check "over there" regularly to ensure we didn't miss anything, but we're generally ahead of the curve here.
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    The example cited in the article ("After one such trip, Theresa was very distressed, and she wrote the following narrative...") has been around for quite a while. The piece is mostly a rehash.
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    :vomit:If I want a handjob, I go to Backpage, not the airport. More honest than TSOs, cleaner than TSOs, and most of them don't look like bull dykes that just got out of prison.
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    This is the very first time I've read a professional psychologist's opinion about what the TSA is doing to us. I am so grateful for this article. It expresses in professional terms what we all have felt and said. It's a true gem.
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