Egypt X-rays are film safe.

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    I could write at length about the strange (and leaky) security practices at Egyptian airports, but I'll keep it short.

    Passing through the Cairo airport, your bags will be x-rayed at the entrance, at a checkpoint past the ticket counter, and again closer to the gate. Security tends to let some items go "around" the machine at some of these points, but at others will insist that everything be X-rayed.

    100 speed film went through with no visible fogging. A multilingual sticker stating that the machines are film-safe would have been nice.
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    umm 100 speed isnt going to show the damage unless you really know how to look for it or are printing very large (20x30 or 24x36 and larger for 35mm). Even though i dont shoot film that often anymore I wont allow it to be x-rayed as even slow films are damaged.
  3. John Cotton

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    100 speed is damaged by checked-bag X-ray machines in the states. You need a densitometer to see damage caused by the carry-on x-rays. Unless the machine is mis-calibrated. Then there's a loss of contrast, or color shifts in the light areas (of reversal film.) And projection is as good as printing.
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    James Im well aware of the power on the check in systems, I was referring to the ones at the check point. I shoot professionally and did scan and retouch work for years (still do) and have seen the subtle damage x-rays do even on films like velvia50 (original formula not the current formula). Most people wont notice but I can when they are being scanned on the heidelburg and even on the nikon 9000). I wont put any speed film through a scanner at the checkpoint.

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