Elderly woman asked to remove adult diaper during TSA search

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. RB

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    I want Pistole in stocks in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

    Let the public witness for themselves what a traitor to the Constitution looks like.
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  2. CelticWhisper

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    This is something I've been thinking about more lately.

    We know that TSOs are committing horribly ethically indefensible acts at the airports. We know that Bloghdad Bob repeatedly hides (and tries to hide those TSOs) behind the SOP.

    Seems to me, then, that we need to lob some of our PR mortars over the TSOs' heads and attack SOP. Even something as simple as heading BB off at the pass in the article would do. "TSA has consistently claimed that these actions are in line with its standard operating procedure. At this point it would seem that the TSA SOP explicitly instructs TSA workers to commit acts of discrimination and sexual assault against the elderly, the disabled, and children at checkpoints across the nation. As TSA claims that it cannot publish its SOP for fear that terrorists would take advantage of the information, we have no way of knowing that the SOP doesn't directly order TSOs to be as aggressive as possible with their most vulnerable victims and, out of an abundance of caution, we can only assume the worst is true."
  3. Mike

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    Wait for the inevitable puppy post on their blog & in their responses quoted in the media, then drive that point home.
  4. RB

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  5. Elizabeth Conley

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  6. Doober

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    Yes, strange that yesterday they said the TSA did everything right and now they are backpeddling and saying it didn't happen.

    I truly hope that the daughter did not make this up to cover up for something she did or did not do.
  7. Elizabeth Conley

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    I think it's more likely that the TSA thugs forced the unhappy daughter to deduce that the easiest way to get Mom out of the 45 minute debacle was to separate Mom from the apparently soiled undergarment. Intelligent, well-educated people are aware that human waste contains significant quantities of nitrates. While the TSA bozos probably didn't understand why their junk-science toy "alarmed", Mom and daughter undoubtedly did.

    It's not precisely the same as TSA thugs demanding or directing the removal of the undergarment, but it has the same effect. Like I said: it's probably semantics.

    Here's more evidence that TSA BDO thugs like to pretend that emotional distress brought on by TSA abuses justifies even worse abuse:


    It would be horrible if the last time the mother and daughter spend together is at that TSA checkpoint - emotionally traumatized and stripped of their human dignity.

    Given the distance and expense of air travel, a lot of very emotional goodbyes take place at the airport. I don't think TSA tomfoolery should be permitted to intrude on citizens during these profoundly personal moments.

    PS: A very careful parsing of words indeed.


    Clever I suppose, if crafty distortions of the truth impress you.
  8. mozgytog

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    There is a part of me that wants to see more incidents like this one. A part of me that wants the TSA to keep doing things like this, and worse, because it will make the case against them faster than we ever could.

    The rest of me regrets like (expletive deleted) that there will be a lot of collateral damage in the form of innocent people, like this woman, who suffer for the cause... but that part has begun to take a back seat to the part that says 'This is war, Peacock.'
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  9. Mike

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    CNN: TSA stands by officers after pat-down of elderly woman in Florida

    Does anyone mind if I:vomit:?


    With blunders like this, they make it easy to rally the oppositon.
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  10. DeafBlonde

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    At this point, I think it is appropriate to make the same "gratuitous" remark that was censored on FT: I hope they (TSA) keep shooting themselves in the a$$ like this so the American public will finally wake up and realize that it is all just theatrics...not security!
  11. Elizabeth Conley

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    That was censored on FT?

    I wish I was shocked.

    All of the kookies are not in the jar.
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  12. Mike

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    What's FT? I forget.
  13. Fisher1949

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    TSA is now trying to lie their way out of this. They undoubtedly forced or coerced her to remove the diaper and needed a day to concoct their story. Given TSA's proclivity for deceit and experience in that area one would think that they could cook up a lie in much less time.

    Even if this were not "technically" required or ordered, the fact that their procedures are SSI and that their clerks make rules up on their own is still makes TSA responsible. If the procedures and policies were clearly articulated and communicated there would be fewer incidents.

    With their track record for lying Pistole and TSA lost all credibility with the public long ago.
  14. SuperDudley

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    I, for one, feel safer. :confused:

    I can't believe (well actually I can!) the humiliation this poor woman must have suffered. I cannot imagine the embarrassment of having to remove a depends diaper in order to get through security. What's next; sanitary napkins, tampons (that's some resistance!)?
  15. Mike

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    WTOP: TSA needs to rexamine 'bi-polar' policies

    The above link is an interview with David Funk, former Northwest Airlines captain, regarding the screening of 95-year-old grannies & other known risks. (higher level link seems to be broken so must go directly to video)

    The least they can do is check them for proper size and fit -- a value-added proposition for your screening pleasure.
  16. Mimi

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    I find it very interesting that on that day this all broke, a brand new TSA employee joined FT and posted like a madperson. 65+ posts in a number of hours. Someone suggested they were testing the waters to see how people would react to the incident. Starting to think that might be true.
  17. RB

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    The liar Blogdad Bob just posted on the 95 year old lady on the current "Accountability" thread on PV.
  18. jtodd

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    I noticed that. A new kool-aid drinking abuser spouting $hit, attacking the daughter to deflect and try to change the argument. Just another perfect example of the scum that the TSA employs.
  19. Mike

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  20. RB

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