Elderly woman asked to remove adult diaper during TSA search

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Jun 25, 2011.

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    LOL. The next big attack might involve TSOs who've gone rogue and provided material help to the terrorists. We've seen them go rogue for drug smugglers so why not terrorists. Cough up enough bucks there might be more than one TSO who would give up the crown jewels.

    We've seen some ex screeners post over there and everyone of them has some serious issues with how TSA managers mismanaged their workforce. Not a good combination. Who watches the watchmen?
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    The reality is that since 9/11, only two incompetent terrorists have tried to come through security--and one dind't go through TSA security (and law enforcement had been warned about him earlier) the other may have been debatably put on the flight by the TSA. But no others have tried. Coming through security to board a plane is no longer a terrorists modus operandi; it's simply not worth the hassle and post 9/11 the risk too high (unless you're really stupid like the aformentioned two). If terrorists are going to strike, it will be through checked luggage, through cargo, or by breaching security elsewhere in the airport. OR like in Seattle, they've moved on to other targets entirely like military recruiting offices.

    The porn scanners and groping did nothing to change any of that and in my opinion, quite possibly made the security area LESS safe introducing both dissaffected travelers and dissaffected TSOs which is a recipe for trouble on more than one level. They added distraction and confusion which was not necessary and arguably dangerous!

    There was a tragic story not too long ago about a young man who managed to crawl up into the landing gear of a plane in NC bound for Boston. His body was found in a Boston suburb. This isn't a terribly isolated case either because it's happened several times before in recent history; and not everyone who hitches rides in landing gear dies either. Of course, suicide bombers don't care about being dead, so the landing gear is a pretty attractive place to hide yourself and a bomb. It's believed that tragic young man in Boston breached the airport through a hole in a fence around the airport. In fact, all of the landing gear stow-a-ways breached security in places other than porn and grope area. There have been FAR more landing gear breaches in the last several years than there have been terrorists attempting to breach the checkpoints. But is the TSA doing anything about that? No, they really aren't.
  3. Mike

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    I would think that landing gear wells would be attvery ractive places for suicide bombers. On Boeings, the nose gear is very close to the avionics bay. The main landing gear is usually in close proximity to fuels tanks. As long the bomb is on a timer, it won't matter if the bad guys freeze to death or get crushed first.

    I've noticed an increase in tarmac & proximity patrols at major airports in the last few years, so they would appear to be on to this at least somewhat. However, any unscreened employees with access to secured areas would seem to me to pose a major risk.
  4. Mimi

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    I think it's Ron.
  5. LeapingFrogs

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    I'm in the Seattle area, and drive past the SEA runways and a friend of mine lives in an apartment that pretty much backs up to the perimeter of Sea-Tac, separated only by chain link fence. We've looked out his living room windows at the airport perimeter and jokingly mused how easy it would be to pick up a windbreaker at the Goodwill, some cargo pants, an orange safety vest and hardhat, find a semi-resonable copy of airport ID online make a badge (it would probably only need to look good at a distance) maybe to take the charade to the nth-degree, grab some landscaping maintenance equipment, a weed eater would do, and then act like you totally belong. I'm pretty confident you'd have a very good chance of being able to walk right up to the gate.

    I'd never suggest anyone try, nor would I EVER do anything of the sort myself, but my career is in the security field, and on a level, it is my job to think like a criminal sometimes... but it's also my job to not become obsessed or paranoid when persuing that line of thinking. Unfortunately, I believe that could be what's happened at the TSA and DHS. They've been thinking like criminals for so long that they have become obsessed and paranoid, and now, they've jumped the shark. Another sign of horrible mismanagement at the top.
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  6. Elizabeth Conley

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    Yepindoodles. The TSA's willingness to casually expose their workforce to a heightened risk of cancer is going to create precisely the kind of deep, pathological bitterness that leads to terrorist acts.

    Dysfunctionalism breeds dysfunctionalism. The TSA is as dysfunctional as a human organization can get, and growing more so every day. They will eventually get the terrorism they want. They are creating their own "home grown" terrorists, one dose of radiation at a time.
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    I'm fairly certain it's not Ron but rather a woman named Anna Bucci who lives in Nashville, TN.

    I would bet dollars to donuts that Ron is from the Ithaca, NY area - in spite of the fact that he has tried to say that he is from the mid-west.
  8. CelticWhisper

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    I wasn't in on much of the TSORon behind-the-scenes stuff - why Ithaca, NY?
  9. Doober

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    A bit OT, is it my imagination or are a great many posts missing from this same thread in TS/S? I notice no posts from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. yesterday. SATTSO was going nuts over something - wish I had saved it, CelticWhisper responded to him as did I and perhaps a couple of other people.

    My response once again focused on his frequent use the verb "to lie" and I stated that he was making himself look very foolish in his desperation to be right all the time.
  10. Doober

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    Because of his comments about the "folks" at the Cornell "law department" back when PTravel was getting the best of him back in December.

    Another FTer had told me a couple of years ago that he, too, believed Ron was from NY State. Unfortunately I forget his reasons for arriving at that conclusion.

    If he lived in the mid-west, why not the University of Chicago Law School?
  11. CelticWhisper

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    That was the TX bill thread. I just checked because I had checked about 20 minutes ago and then read your post here - that would've been a fast back-and-forth between us and The Censorship-Happy One.

    EDIT: Erm, this is in response to the missing-posts post.
  12. Doober

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    OK - thanks. I'd forgot that I'd got involved in that thread. :oops:
  13. barbell

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    They don't even have to be suicide bombers.

    I am intimately familiar with airports with much more traffic than SEA, and LeapingFrogs makes some very good points about "fitting in". At ATL where several large aircraft are parked in close proximity together, and at CLT where there are at least 2 or 3 B767 or A330 parked near each other, or LAX, or IAD where one could just slink out of the forest, to name only 4. If a 16 year old child can access the airfield, let's not kid ourselves, anyone can. A determined terrorist, absolutely.

    And to these points of crawling into the wheel well and dying for the cause, not even necessary. One terrorist could crawl into a wheel well and deposit his bomb, then move onto the next plane. It would be incredibly easy for someone with this kind of intent and training to deposit a bomb in 5 or 6 aircraft at one airfield, and let them fly while he was still on the ground.

    This obsession on everyone's genitals is just stupid.
  14. barbell

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    In addition to Doober's info, I would add that I have lived in almost every region of the US, and have several friends from all over. In addition, my undergrad training is in languages. Ron's pattern of speech, word choices, and posturing are very "Northeastern". They also don't match Ciarin's, though it's entirely someone has similar training to mine and can mimic personalities and has created alternate male/female identities, though I doubt so in this case.

    However, Ciarin's underlying tone and posturing is clearly that of the ideal TSA candidate. I have no doubt that she is working for TSA, and is making lives miserable every day.

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