Elderly woman dies after nurse refuses to do CPR

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    I hope this "facility" gets taken to the cleaners in a lawsuit. The woman was in assisted care facility. Usually these are independent apartments well equipped with call buttons and with options to take your meals in a central dining area if you prefer not to use your own kitchen.

    According to the transcript at CBS, the nurse not only refused to administer CPR herself, she refused to hand over the phone to anyone else who could assist.

    According to KGET, the woman did not have a DNR order (do-not-resuscitate) on file.

    I hope the so-called "nurse" ends up unlicensed, unemployed, imprisoned.

    You can listen to the 911 call here.

    San Francisco Chronicle: Elderly woman dies after nurse refuses to do CPR

    When the 87-year-old resident of Glenwood Gardens collapsed at the facility around 11 a.m. Tuesday, a staff member called 911 but refused to give the woman CPR, Bakersfield television station ABC23 (http://bit.ly/YQULm3 ) reported Friday. n refusing the 911 dispatcher's insistence that she perform CPR, the nurse can be heard telling the dispatcher that it was against the retirement facility's policy to perform CPR. During the exchange between the nurse and the dispatcher, the dispatcher can be heard saying "I don't understand why you're not willing to help this patient."

    23 ABC: 911 Call of Glenwood Gardens refusing CPR; Releases statement on policy and resident's death

    On Feb. 26, at about 11 a.m., an 87-year-old resident at Glenwood Gardens, collapsed in a dining room. According to reports, a staff member called 911 and 911 staff tried to get the caller to do CPR on the woman. In the 911 call, the caller then refused to perform CPR. After several minutes, an ambulance arrived and the woman was taken to Mercy Southwest where she was later pronounced dead.

    CBS Local San Francisco: Nurse At California Senior Facility Refuses CPR To Dying Woman

    Dispatcher: “We need to get CPR started.”​
    Glenwood Gardens: “Yeah, we can’t do CPR at the facility.”​
    The nurse said providing CPR is against her company’s policy.​
    Dispatcher:“Anybody there can do CPR. Give them the phone, please?” the dispatcher said. “She’s going to die if we don’t get this started. Do you understand?”​
    The nurse, who identifies herself only as Colleen talked to dispatcher Tracey Halvorson.​
    Dispatcher: “I don’t understand why you’re not willing to help this patient.”​
    Glenwood Gardens: “I am…”​
    Dispatcher: “Okay, great. Then I’ll walk you through it all.”​
    Halvorson became increasingly frustrated during the phone call, which lasted for seven minutes and 16 seconds. The dispatcher begged the nurse to perform CPR or put someone on the phone who is willing to try.​
    Dispatcher: “Is there anybody that works there that’s willing to do it?”​
    Glenwood Gardens: “We can’t.”​
    Dispatcher: “Or are we just going to let this lady die?”​
    Glenwood Gardens: “Well that’s why we’re calling 911.”​
    Dispatcher: “We can’t wait. She can’t wait right now.”​

    Reviews & comments at Yelp.com ... Apparently the nurse was named "Colleen". These are just a few of many comments piling up at Yelp:

    Got a death wish?
    Want to watch people die right in front of your eyes?
    Looking for a completely heartless staff?
    This is the place for you!
    P.S. Be sure to introduce yourself to Nurse Colleen. If she still works there. Which I kinda doubt.

    How absolutely unconscionable and DISGUSTING can a place be. What kind of people chose their JOBS over someones LIFE! untrained restaurant workers would have done more. Both this "Nurse" Colleen & her boss need to be fired, have their licenses revoked and charged for negligent homicide at the least. People who have medical training & refuse treatment are the lowest kind out there.

    Apparently there isn't a single Good Samaritan on staff. Why do they waste money on certified nurses when the can hire ilegals aliens to watch residents die. Senseless...

    Embarrassing!!! This place should be shut down and the head and that nurse should face charges! How as a nurse, you don't have any heart to override "policies" and go with the code of ethics that you signed on for when you became a nurse is beyond me. They should all be held on criminal negligence. I know it my field, if I chose not to act, i could face serious consequences!!! Awful. I would leave this place immediately and i am sure that many people are!!
  2. RB

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    Nurse Colleen should be charged with manslaughter.
  3. KrazyKat

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    The Australian press headline:
    'They're refusing CPR, they're going let her die'

    This place has a medical care facility onsite. These are usually just a couple of beds for when someone has the flu etc.
    I figured the press was mistakenly referring to Colleen as a "nurse" but, incredibly, she identified herself as one to the dispatcher.
  4. FliesWay2Much

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    Some would say she ought to be on the short list for chairperson of the Obamcare Death Panel.
  5. TravelnMedic

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    IMHO I smell a criminal and civil case a brewing and its gonna get nasty quick.

    There is a debate in PD/FD/EMS circle and forums about this case and there are some claiming that staff at this facility saying they didnt have a "duty to act". I call :trash: as if your a nurse and you are on duty, you have a duty to act and failing to do so you asking for license revocation as well as criminal and civil actions.

    Not going to mention the facility but there is one locally that had a family member of a resident that collapsed and the staff didnt do anything but pull the family member into a unsused room and close the door. The crew that responded was shocked at the staffs actions and called in the ME, and when family found out had to call PD as a royal rumble was about to ensue. Never heard anything else about it but I suspect it was settled out of court so as not to expose the NH to public scrutiny and embarassment, although shortly after there was a ownership/management change.
  6. Frank

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    We had an issue like this at our "assisted living" facility down the road from the station, where the only reason why there are RN/LPN on staff is to administer medications. They claimed that performing CPR was against facility policy and our medical director went into LEO.

    In NY assisted living facilities fall into black hole in the law and are almost completely unregulated.
  7. TravelnMedic

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    So I found out during Sandy...was scary to say the least
  8. Frank

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    If I ever get to that point, I'm doing myself in. No way am I going to put myself at the mercy of the lowest common denominator.

    300 units of Lantus should do the trick.

    The facility I mentioned? The cheapest unit goes for $3600 a month. For that I should get nurses that do tricks, if you know what I mean.
  9. TravelnMedic

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    ... Dang

    yeah those rates are insane I know full service hotels that would be cheaper a month then that. 10-4 on RBTL.
  10. RB

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    Would Parklane be part of the name?
  11. Frank

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  12. KrazyKat

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    Absolutely. Death With Dignity in OR & WA, thank goodness.

    "Assisted living" included working the rings off my grandmother's hands (at no extra charge).
    Maybe the scum have since moved up and work for TSA at DFW.
  13. KrazyKat

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    I smell a national chain fearing bad PR, steering the flow of elderly semi-warm bodies to other residential "care" companies, and the impact on the bottom line, if nothing else:
    Think Jeffrey Toomer, executive director (executioner), of Glenwood Gardens is looking at firing or the ever-popular "coaching"?
  14. nachtnebel

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    To die: to sleep;
    No more; and by a sleep to say we end
    The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
    That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation
    Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;
    To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;
    For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
  15. RB

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    There are reports that the elderly lady had instructed staff to not attempt resuscitation or intervene in any direct way. If true how does that change the situatijon?
  16. TravelnMedic

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    In my world and per my medical director "No valid DNR ( Do not Resuscitate)... get a pumpin". We can do field terminations but there are criteria that must be met before making the call to online medical control.
  17. Mike

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    The reports I've read are that her daughter said her mother didn't want to be resuscitated. "Daughter says" is not a valid DNR.

    She was not in a medical facility, and she did not have a DNR on file. The responders -- including the nurse -- had an obligation to help her.

    The daughter might be happy with the outcome, but the incident raises serious questions about the safety of others in that facility who might not be so happy with the same outcome.
  18. Frank

    Frank Original Member

    That's the rule in NY. Does the DNR have a six month expiration in TX? MOLST are semi-permanent, but we don't have to honor a DNR more than six months old.
  19. KrazyKat

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    Doesn't seem like DNR-or-noDNR was even a factor.
    Only 'not mah job'.:td:
  20. TravelnMedic

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    Effective until physically distroyed or revoked by persons with signatures on the document.

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