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    I love my country. It's the government I could do without.
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    For those commiserating about Romney's loss, remember that (despite some obligatory hostile words regarding TSA) his advisor für Staatssicherheit was one of the bureaucrats (Chernoff? Skeletor?) who was largely responsible for giving us our current mess. Romney really represented more of the same.

    That said, the only thing going for the Obamination is the greater likelihood of gridlock between the White House and Congress. However, I do consider gridlock to be a good think in the right circumstances.
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  4. Pretty much the only reason I wanted Romney to win (again, I didn't for him, my state was going to him anyway) is that it would send a message of disapproval for all the ridiculous crap that has been going on. Not that Romney would have made substantial changes, he could have turned out worse than ever, but it would have been it's own pathetic kind of hope-n-change message, rather than what appears to be a stamp of approval on a truly horrendous presidency, no matter where you sit on the political spectrum.

    I'm a big fan of gridlock. But this congress and president are more or less the same crew that approved NDAA and haven't done anything to declaw either Obamacare or the TSA, are they not? So gridlock now means that a number of important things continue to suck eggs, and there's not much hope of them getting any better.

    The only bright spot for me is that Romney was an anti-pot drug warrior, and Obama is ambiguous on the subject, so enough of a flood tide of state legislation and public opinion could eventually lead to some level of federal decriminalization. Too bad I'd have to probably sell my car, at the rate we're going, to afford a legalized dime bag.
  5. RB

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    Mike in part I agree with you but there would have been some significant changes with a different party in the White House. The Presidents Cabinet would have been replaced. Holder, Napolitano, Clinton, and the others. Then we would have seen the next level of political appointees replaced. TSA, HHS, EPA, and so on. I do think the Romney would have brought a different group to DC, and I would hope he would have picked people who would have stood up for individual freedom, states rights, and smaller government.

    What I am afraid of happening is a total financial meltdown due to increased government spending, something we already know that Obama favors.
  6. I suspect a Romney administration would have thrown a bone or two to the liberty movement. Paul Ryan was the VP, after all. That's a smallish bone in and of itself.

    The financial meltdown is inevitable, though, really was no matter who was elected. It's time now for us all to prepare for that inevitability. Get the stuff that you need now, try to have a little nest egg of whatever you can and a plan to relocate it or protect it.
  7. FetePerfection

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    I'm afraid the US has gone over the cliff and I'm not sure who can ever recover what we've lost. Half of this damn country is content to accept government handouts and the other half (people like us) have to work harder to pay for it. I've never been so depressed and full of such despair as I am now.
    I was looking forward to replacing this corrupt and ineffective cabinet and best of all replacing a president who ignores the Constitution and apologizes to our enemies.
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  8. RB

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    I think we can see over the cliff edge already. The DOW is showing us what will happen under an Obama second term.
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    I guess this is why we do best here at TUG focusing on TSA rather than Dweedle Dumb and Dumber.
    That's why you should really manage your accounts in the Caymans.:D
    Well, maybe Santa will bring that, 'cause Mitt (and family who personally lined their pockets with TARP funds to the tune of $100M+) certainly weren't going to.
    Was Romney going to put the creeps at Bain out of business (as its biggest shareholder)? Those monsters are shutting down profitable factories in the US as we speak. Enemies indeed! Holy (expletive deleted), do something about that, Obummer!
    Listen, Romney didn't have a snowball's chance. He was bringing in W's re-treads that put needless wars on the public credit card. He had no math behind his flowery promises. People saw through that.

    So, don't feel so bad--this was not the realization of all your hopes and dreams--snatched away by the 47% and--oh yeah--the majority of the popular vote, and 332 to 206 electoral college. The GOP sealed their fate with the inevitable Mitt, running for president since 2007.
    I'm sorry I didn't catch Rove's meltdown on FOX live. Sounded like quality entertainment. Now back to the devil we know...
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  11. KrazyKat

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    As I recall from OIF, military ballots were a cluster when W was in office too. Fortunately OH is not the difference in the presidential election.

    But organized disenfranchisement of voters is evil and un-American.*
    No matter who does it, it should be punished.

    *Although some say it was quite intentional at the founding too...

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