Elitism at its finest: Government employees starting to get "expedited screening"

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    Government to serve self at our expense ... :td:

    Wired / Dangerroom: U.S. Spies Probably Won’t Blow Up Our Airplanes, TSA Concludes (July 27 2012)

    For years, America’s spies had to take off their shoes before they got on planes, just like the rest of us. No more. The Transportation Security Administration has quietly enrolled government employees at three of the nation’s intelligence agencies in a program that allows them to pass through airport security with less hassle.
  2. Frank

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    There is a reason why any book by George Orwell no longer exists in any public school library.
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  3. jtodd

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    If you're a party member, you don't get hassled by the government agents, non-party members still must be threatened and intimidated.

  4. TXFlyer

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    I'm not sure I see the problem? They can get the same thing by paying $100 for Global Entry. It's not like they won't pass the background check or couldn't afford it on their own.

    I know folks here have a dim view of PreCheck, but this really isn't any different than anyone else who qualifies. Unless I'm missing something.
  5. Fisher1949

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    So with all these "exemptions" this leaves only the average citizen subject to this government sponsored harassment. It isn't like there haven't been terrorist acts by folks with clearances, think Ft Hood massacre. Same applies to the Known Crew Member program and the number of wacko flight attendants recently. There will be too many folks now getting a free pass to make TSA security viable.

    There may be the elements of a class action suit forming here and it seems it would have a good chance of success. Who is to say that someone without a security clearance isn't trustworthy and why should they have to pay $100 for Precheck when a Federal worker gets a pass for free? What about other State and local government workers, such a police and elected officials?

    And where is the line drawn in terms of clearance levels? Is it Classified, Secret or Top Secret and if only Secret an higher, why? There are lots of problems with this and it begs the obvious question as to why these workers want out of the program. if they support the TSA measures then they should be happy to participate in them.

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