'Embarrasing', 'unfortunate' ... it's our TSA

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    Las Vegas Review-Journal: 'Embarrasing', 'unfortunate' ... it's our TSA

    The time is long past for a "fish or cut bait" discussion about the TSA in its current grotesque form. It infringes upon our liberty for no good and effective reason. It is the legacy of a nation cowering in the face of worldwide terrorism and it is time to stop.


    Most of us are not the nieces of a politician. All of us, however, can identify with this episode and demand a better solution. The way to start is to e-mail this to your U.S. Representative or U.S. Senator and ask them for a better way. We as a people are better than the TSA "solution." Don't tell us this incident was an "embarrassment" and it was "unfortunate." Those are the words our government must start applying to the TSA.

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